CSA’s service is absolutely disgraceful

May 27, 2012

This is a copy of the email sent to the csa, they service is absolutely disgraceful…

Your message reads: I am a single parent and have been on the csa register now for nearly a decade, my complaint today is about two things first of all the service that has been provided over the years to myself regarding payments and the kind of attitude I have had to deal with by agents employed by your company. I made a claim for maintanance some years ago from the absent parent in the family with whom by law is allowed no form of contact with myself and child due to the danger he has imposed during our relationship.

I have received next to nothing in payment over the years and been given every excuse under the sun, I have a log of every call I have made and the people I have spoken to there has never been any result every call made to the csa has been at my expense and time consuming causing alot of undue stress and frustration, I have no form of communication from the csa themselves whatsoever, on every call I have made to the csa I have been humiliated laughed at shouted at abruptly spoken to calls terminated lied to misleading information fed told calls are not recorded so there’s no record of what I have spoken about to the agent, been told to go away if I don’t like the free service to deal with it myself and always promised a call back and then forgotten about.

I have had no option now but to file this complaint to yourself and now also considering very strongly to take legal action against the csa I have now made contact with my solicitor regarding this matter. I now anticipate a call from yourselves in respect of this and how you expect resolve the situation in the near future you are able to contact me via email or the mobile number provided above


  • Carol says:

    Good luck with your fight.

    What a disgrace that you have been treated the way you have. After 11 years of probably being in the same situation as yourself I withdrew my claim. It was a joke and was only keeping people in a job at the end of the day.

  • Alice says:

    I withdrew my claim on 25th May 2012.My ex owed me for our son since January 4th 2012.I have recieved nothing from him and sent him a text 5/6 times stating that when the money was sent (£5.00 per week) £100 arrears,i would give him it back.Was still waiting on the 23rd May and after he told me it had been sent I rang the CSA and was told that he hadnt paid nothing.Myself and my 16 year son want nothing from him,i have looked after and provided for him the last 7 years ,finally i have cancelled the CSA before payments have even been made,Why did the CSA leave it so long from this date.20 weeks later.They tried to talk me out of it but I knew I made the right choice,he had nothing ,I have everything.End of .

  • Carol says:

    Alice you are so right. It becomes so frustrating dealing with the Agency that, in my case anyway, I felt it best to “cut my losses”.

    The Agency should be ashamed of themselves as they do not deliver what they promise.

  • rach says:

    unfortunately i doubt any legal action would get you anywhere as the csa have “no legal duty of care”

  • ceri says:

    hi i’ve had a claim with the csa for a year now and i like you have had to phone for updates and get fobbed off my ex partner owes me more than a thousand pound. i am getting really fed up as they seem to promise the world to you to get money that is rightly owed to you to support your children. i just feel like i am at the end of my tether and is close to withdrawing my claim and trying to go down a different route but i’m not sure what other options are available to me if anyone has any advice please i’d love to hear it many thanks

  • Brett says:

    Sadly what Rach says is correct. Most solicitors won’t touch the CSA with a barge pole and even if you do find one that will, you could be paying out a lot of money and not get anywhere.Best course of action is to see your MP. Hopefully he or she will take an interest in your case and something will be done.
    Its because of people like your ex that people like me on PAYE are paying double what we should be paying.
    Your ex is the type of person the CSA should be going after. He should hold his head in shame !

  • Carol says:

    Ceri in all honesty I would keep going just now. Get more a picture of how incompetent they can be. Write a formal letter of complaint. If there is maladministration then you will be compensated. If nothing else that is more guaranteed to get, than maintenance!!!

    Re legal position I totally agree and cannot understand why it is not legally fair. It would appear that a solicitor can only take your money and rarely win.

  • jay. says:

    Alice and carol, I was in the same boat, had a claim in for 7 years as ex was very abusive, everytime I used to ring up they’d ask me if I had any info…hello, not allowed contact with him, hence why you got involved….after all the heartache I closed my case, its too stressful and have what I need. By the looks of it, csa are only interested in clawing back money for the government, in these fictitious arrears they have put on a majority of nrps, who like my hubby paid for and supported his kids, whilst deadbeats get let off….its a joke and needs scrapping x

  • Alice says:

    Ceri,do not give up,keep track of every letter,email and phone calls.I only went to the CSA last year because I wanted my Ex to hopefully keep in touch with his son after being in the USA for 4 years .He comes back sees him a few times then nothing from Dec 21st.I was really upset that a father could still walk away from his 16 year old son and still live in the same town.I cancelled the CSA because I knew the ex was not going to see or speak with him and upto date hasnt.Decided that I had to cut all ties with ex and that meant cutting the ties to maintenance also.If the NRP owes you do not give up ,keep going arrears do not go away,some NRP’s on here are still paying PWC till the kids are 30 years old.I am married to a NRP and CM is paid every month without fail direct to PWC.

  • j says:

    rach on May 27th, 2012 8:05 pm

    unfortunately i doubt any legal action would get you anywhere as the csa have “no legal duty of care”

    Actually this is worth a challenge, every public body has a duty of care dont they and every government department has to work within the law and the law has to comply with the european convention on human rights – right to the quiet enjoyment of family life is a good one. Any rules or regulations the csa work under have to comply with the wider law of the land. Anyway surely its worth another look?

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