Ex husband refuses to pay the CSA

May 28, 2012

My ex husband refuses to pay any maintenance throught the child support agency for our 2 children. Every time the child support agency catch up with him he changes jobs so he doesnt have to pay and the whole thing starts all over again. My ex has only ever made 8 or 9 payments in the 11 years that we’ve divorced. He owes over £8,000 arrears through the CSA, has 2 court orders and still nothing is done to make him pay maintenace. I feel like i’ve been let down by the CSA as when i call them i always get told its with the baliffs, its back from the baliffs, it back with the baliffs. When will they get their finger out and start taking the action towards him that they tell me they can enforce!! What else can i do to ensure that he pays?


  • terry says:

    your ex is a classic example of the scumbags that dont pay and good honest hardworking fathers like me have to make up for the shortfall of cash this agency rob from us…yes rob…because the system is totally unfair and unjust.It dont give a damm about the welfair of the child..its another tax..pure and simple…it hands millions of pounds each yr to deadbeats who can work by dont wont to because lifes made too easy for them with hand outs.And single mothers who drop kid after kid from different fathers so they can get all the benefits under the sun,free roof over their heads and to make it even better for them to sit on their arses all day watching jeremy kyle..they can screw each of the dads of their hundreds of kids through the csa…The government claw that money payed out to all theses layabouts from people like me.The csa dont give a shit about what outgoings.bills and morgage you have…how the f**k is that not included when assessing an individuals ability to pay a fair amount??? and what seriously f**ks me off and make me want to spit in the face of every csa worker is the fact none of them care,none of them have a clue what they are doing,they are rude arragant and treat nrp’s like criminals.Another thing I read time and time again on here is this.If I met a new partner and that partner was working too…the bastard money grabbing bitches aka “the ex,tells the csa so “it” can screw you for even more money,and these clowns actually follow it up and rob you for even more…what the f**k has my new partner got to do with my kid…why the f**k should they be forced to pay as well..BUT if the ex has a partner who is working and bringing in an income,do you think the csa would adjust/reduce the amount they rob from the nrp because of the extra money she has coming in?..not on your f***ing nelly do they,and the bitch of an ex would lie through her back teeth declaring she is a single mother still…lol…and these clowns believe her…why? because it aint her that they screw every month for money so as far as they are concerned..her word is the word of god.To sum up…my ex left me 5 yrs ago and for no reason other than she got bored,as usual,claiming every benefit under the sun AND walks straight into a lovely 2 bed private rent all payed for by us stupid f***ing tax payers…and no questions asked..its ludicrous and now the c**t has the csa robbing me of £320 a month for a daughter she took away from me and never lets me see…and “it”has a partner living with “it” whom works…so I just subsidise their life as well as look after my own..f***ing rich aint it.Theirs no way on this earth that the £320 im forced to pay her each month is spent on my daughter,more like fags,booze,extra nights out and shoes n bags…lol…makes me sick that I HAVE NO SAY AT ALL on how my money spent and if its even spent on my daughter..the csa dont care and its not their problem how/where the money is spent and thats their words..so they admit they dont care about the kids..its a smoke screen calling this agency the “csa”its a way of screwing fathers that have been ditched and their kids taken away from them and then having the csa stick the knife in deeper and demand he pays for that privilege…That why the csa are hated so much..they are not fair..no father aprt from the likes of your kids father is against the principal of supporting his children but not like this,not when its such useless unfair system.
    maybe thats why your ex has dogded the system for soo long because you involved the csa? Hell…knowing what I know and read on the site…I would if I could leave the country forever and never to return..the csa just drive wedges between parents and the children,stay away from this scum because once they get their claws into u…you have a finacial nightmare of an ancle chain around your leg for years

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