Ex has big house and a Merc yet doesn’t pay much at all

May 26, 2012

My ex refused to pay any csa for the first 3 years,he then after i took to a tribunal and won started paying me 173 a month,the amount should have been 75 a week. I have just received a letter from csa to say as my ex earns only 100 a week he is too pay me just 3.43 a week and the arrears he owes some 10,000 cannot be taken as he doesnt earn enough. My ex lives in a house worth over 600,000 pounds drives a merc, has some 3 holidays a year and he manages this as he takes dividends at the end of each year, its about time that this changed and was looked into as csa know this is happening but are powerless to do anything.

The problem is he is now as happy as anything as all he will do is put a low wage in every year to avoid the arrears whilst living the life of luxury whilst i struggle to make ends meet,then when my child goes to see his dad he throws money at him and holidays things i now cannot afford as i have always supported and put my child first.

Then on the other hand people that general to pay each month as soon as they try and change anything they’re hounded and threatened with attachments to earnings, the rich are just getting richer.


  • Carol says:

    I take it your ex is self employed? Is it a limited company and he then pays himself a dividend? The CSA should class the dividend as income and take that into account for you.

    If he is sole director seemingly they will use the dividend as it is at his discretion to make this payment. He maybe avoided paying himself the dividend in his last year’s accounts but could have taken one out right afterwards.

  • Brett says:

    The CSA needs to be totally reformed and their complicated rules / laws rewritten. Theres too many loop holes which allow your ex to get away with paying next to nothing whilst other people like myself have been walked all over by this vile organisation.

  • Icelandic Troll says:

    I’d say that your ex is probably quite clever and that, honestly, you’re not. I can tell this because you’ve made numerous errors in your writing. Also, he’s getting off light with £173 a month because I pay about £750. Perhaps I’m not so clever either..? Damn.

  • dreeze says:

    i say fair play to him 🙂

  • chall says:


    Is your case calculated under old or new rules?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Iain says:

    Yes, it’s awful, just awful that your ex earns his own money while you wallow in your own self pity.

    Have you considered earning a living as opposed to sitting around waiting for handouts?

  • Sarah says:

    Yes I work full time and support my son fully, why shouldn’t he support him as well

  • Izzy says:

    Have you considered a family based arrangement? Why harrass your ex for money through the CSA?

    Why are PWC’s so bitter? You should move on.

    My grandfather left my grandmother with 3 kids..she never asked a penny from him. She worked 4 jobs to see my mother and uncles never went without. If you are working and fully supporting your son…why do you need your exes money?

    I’ll tell you why…you just cant let go.

  • fiona says:

    How is she not able to let go because she is asking for support? Are you for real. The guy is responsible and yes we have one wage coming in and support our child/ren and do our best. It isn’t the childs fault so why punish them. I for one could never turn my back on my responsibilities and in your grans day and age it was different and was looked down on to raise children alone! Isnt it a good job we moved on in society. How about one that is fair for the child.
    My ex is the same sarah. Brags about his son and yet contributes zero. No point in chasing him for money but its sad that my son is missing out on clubs and trips that I cant afford to pay as I have to pay for everything else. The single parent always gets blamed yet nothing is said for these men who decide they just want to not pay. Selfish ..and the above comments are clueless and no doubt the partners of said men who don’t want to pay or men just like them.

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