I have to pay ex even though I had custody for 9 years

May 26, 2012

I have two wonderful children and the father is a jerk.

I had sole custody for 9 years of their life, he just made things very bad for me and couldn’t deal with him any longer. He told the judge i was a escort. Things went down hill from there.

He had a job as a dept chief of the fire dpt, so he made good money. I was ordered to pay 1000 dollars a month to this …..I told the judge I didn’t even have a job, she didn’t care she said well find one then.

I found a job making 7 an hour. Well, to make a long story short, I now pay 1000 a month for two years. I just lost it last Thursday, I owe over 20,000 in arrears how can I get this man to understand I don’t have any money?

He tells my kids I left them for a man, just horrible things to them. I am married to a wonderful man in the military now but worried that he might come after him for my arrears… can that happen?