New Child Support Agency IT system is still waiting to be installed

July 15, 2011

The Child Support Agency has had a lot of trouble and thus gained a lot of attention in the past due to its highly inefficient computer system. The system is prone to crashing and generally being unreliable, however it seems the promised new system (which is supposed to be implemented by Tata Consultancy Service) is being delayed even further, despite the contract between the two organisations being signed two years ago (to the value of £50 million).

This new contract was created after the CSA realised how much trouble their current system was causing them, with thousands of cases being processed by hand each year. This meant that costs went up and efficiency Read more

MPs urge for change to child maintenance payment regulations

July 14, 2011

A group of MPs has called for the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, which replaced the Child Support Agency, to make it necessary for parents who do not live with their children to have their maintenance payments taken directly from either their salary or their bank account, rather than having them directly in charge of making each payment.

The group of MPs were triggered into making this announcement when they found out how many parents who have separated do not make regular payments, while others do not make any payments at all. At the moment, those Read more

Bus company in trouble with child support agency

July 13, 2011

Although most people assume the Child Support Agency is primarily involved with chasing up individuals over child support payments, it seems that is not always the case. A bus company from Lanarkshire (which is now out of business) has been taken to court over unpaid child support payments.

The bus company in question is Coakley Bus and Coach Ltd, which is based on Motherwell, and the prosecution relates to allegations that they failed to deduct earnings for child support from one Read more

Man at the end of his tether with the Child Support Agency

May 27, 2011

A man who claims that he is having his regular payments refused every month by the CSA says the organisation is making his life a misery.

Tim Ford, of Pentrich Road, has been trying to set up a direct debit for 8 months. But every month, when the payment is due, the money does not go out of his account.

This has led to monthly letters from the CSA demanding that he pay the amount, or threatening him with Read more

Man hit with £34,000 bill by the Child Support Agency

May 26, 2011

A man, who only found out that he fathered a son thirteen years later, is being ordered to pay £34,000 to the Canadian Child Support Agency by the courts.

Adrian Haddon, 37, of Bowness Avenue in Thornton, said he was completely stunned when Lancashire police arrested him on the orders of Canadian officials where his son lives. They are claiming that he owes a total of £34,402 in Read more

Father attacked by CSA worker

May 22, 2011

Hard working and loving father, Garry Roe, was drumming up support yesterday in Nottingham for a demo against the Child Support Agency, to be held on June 19th (Father’s Day) outside MP Ken Clarke’s house.

Garry Roe in Nottingham

While Garry was handing out flyers in Nottingham, dressed in his usual Batman costume (to protect his secret identity) he was attacked by a member of the Child Support Agency, who tried to grab his camera from him.

CSA worker attacks Garry

This photo shows the attempted assault on Garry, where a manager at the CSA was clearly angry at Garry’s peaceful display of flyers and posters.

The police even attended the fracas, and instructed Garry to delete this photo. Luckily Garry knew his rights, and you are entitled to take photographs in a public place (as this was, in the town centre) and we are also allowed to publish this photo as copyright is owned by the photographer.

This is another example of how the CSA operates, and how they believe they are above the law.

The demo is on the 19th June. You can also see a short video of this woman, where one of her colleagues shouts ‘You Pay’ at Garry, slandering him in public about his responsibilities towards his daughter, right here.

Unmarried property rights dispute

May 19, 2011

A woman is challenging a decision that has been passed down from the Court of Appeal which gave her partner an equal amount in the house that they share, even though they were not married.

Mr Kernott and Miss Jones started their relationship in 1980. Miss Jones, 5 years later, then put down capital for a bungalow in Essex. They never married but had two children together. They shared the mortgage for 8 years until the couple separated and Mr Kernott moved out and started to rent another property.

Miss Jones decided to stay in the property for the next 13 years. She made all appropriate Read more

Schwarzenegger’s marriage terminated due to secret love child

May 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 25 year marriage has collapsed after revelations emerged that he fathered a secret love child a decade ago.

The star, who has 4 children with wife Maria Shriver, hid the secret from his family for 10 years before admitting to her that he had fathered a child with a woman who was in his employment at the time, resulting in the end of his marriage.

Sources close to the star claim that Schwarzenegger paid the woman regularly to support the child and to buy Read more

Banker in court over child maintenance dispute

May 15, 2011

A well-known Scottish Banker is being taken to court by his ex-wife over a dispute about how much child support he is paying for his daughter.

Bernard Higgins, 50, chief executive at Tesco Bank, and has had previous positions at RBS and HBOS, is arguing that the £3,000 a month should be enough for his 11 year old daughter, but his former wife is taking the dispute to court.

Mr Higgins changed the amount of support that he was giving to his daughter after Read more

CSA forced to pay out more than £17 million in compensation to parents

May 14, 2011

The Child Support Agency has been forced to pay parents more than £17 million pounds in compensation because of a delay, administrative blunders, or from lost interest. The figures are from the last 5 years from the financial year April 2006-April 2011.

The report, which contained all of the facts and statistics, was released in a parliamentary written answer received by the Liberal Democrat MP Duncan Hames.

There were almost 65,000 consolatory payments that had to be made to parents in the past 5 years. This resulted in around £17.6 million having to be paid back. The average payout for a claim that a parent had made in the last five Read more

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