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Bus company in trouble with child support agency

Although most people assume the Child Support Agency is primarily involved with chasing up individuals over child support payments, it seems that is not always the case. A bus company from Lanarkshire (which is now out of business) has been taken to court over unpaid child support payments.

The bus company in question is Coakley Bus and Coach Ltd, which is based on Motherwell, and the prosecution relates to allegations that they failed to deduct earnings for child support from one employee in 2010.

The company went into liquidation during May and 55 jobs were lost as a result. During the hearing, no one from the company was present, however solicitors representing the company made a not guilty plea on their behalf.

The detail of the charges involves the allegation that the company did not deduct earnings for child support payments from the employee from August 19th until October 19th 2010. The case however has been given extra time in order for the prosecution to consider the nature of the company’s liquidation, which could affect the outcome of the verdict. It is expected a decision will not be made until near the end of July.

When a parent is ordered to contribute part of their earnings towards child maintenance, the CSA simply has to issue an order to the individual or the individual’s employer, which must be followed. In cases where this does not happen, the CSA is entirely able to charge those it deems responsible for the lack of payments.

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