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New Child Support Agency IT system is still waiting to be installed

The Child Support Agency has had a lot of trouble and thus gained a lot of attention in the past due to its highly inefficient computer system. The system is prone to crashing and generally being unreliable, however it seems the promised new system (which is supposed to be implemented by Tata Consultancy Service) is being delayed even further, despite the contract between the two organisations being signed two years ago (to the value of £50 million).

This new contract was created after the CSA realised how much trouble their current system was causing them, with thousands of cases being processed by hand each year. This meant that costs went up and efficiency went down. The new system was supposed to be a “ready to go” package that was simpler and a lot more efficient.

However, according to a statement, the installation of the software is on time and was never meant to be ready quickly. They claim the system will be ready for their target of 2012 and there was no intention for it to be rolled out any sooner.

In the statement, reassurance was also made about the current system, stating that although it is not perfect, it is able to continue functioning well enough for the moment.

However, the spokesman did admit that due to the plans to make the transition gradual, the current system could partially still be in use for as much as 18 years.

One thought on “New Child Support Agency IT system is still waiting to be installed

  1. I would like to’ roll it out’, into a skip on the driveway!

    Millions wasted on failed I.T. systems, and repeated errors of calculations, that are leading many to overpay. But they never tell you that you have overpaid. They only tell you when you have arrears. How convenient!

    The Serious fraud office should investigate this lot!

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