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Man hit with £34,000 bill by the Child Support Agency

A man, who only found out that he fathered a son thirteen years later, is being ordered to pay £34,000 to the Canadian Child Support Agency by the courts.

Adrian Haddon, 37, of Bowness Avenue in Thornton, said he was completely stunned when Lancashire police arrested him on the orders of Canadian officials where his son lives. They are claiming that he owes a total of £34,402 in child support payments that are dating back 16 years.

Haddon, a former soldier, served in Canada for three months in 1994, which was where he met the child’s mother. Adrian commented:

“I was shocked. I’ve never refused to pay, I wouldn’t refuse it. I just didn’t know he was mine.”

“I’d met his mother in 1994 and she fell pregnant. She was Canadian and I was serving there at the time. We were serving in Canada for three months and then we were moved on. I went back in 1995 and bumped into her.”

“I saw she’d had a baby but I didn’t know he was mine until a DNA test three years ago. Since then it’s been an on-going thing. Because it’s from another country, it takes, months and years to sort out. We just need to go through the courts to sort out the arrears. But they’ve added up over so many years, those arrears will always probably be there until I die.”

Mr Haddon, who moved to Blackpool after he left the army, also has a 5 year old son. He was bailed pending an appearance in court next week.

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