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Father attacked by CSA worker

Hard working and loving father, Garry Roe, was drumming up support yesterday in Nottingham for a demo against the Child Support Agency, to be held on June 19th (Father’s Day) outside MP Ken Clarke’s house.

Garry Roe in Nottingham

While Garry was handing out flyers in Nottingham, dressed in his usual Batman costume (to protect his secret identity) he was attacked by a member of the Child Support Agency, who tried to grab his camera from him.

CSA worker attacks Garry

This photo shows the attempted assault on Garry, where a manager at the CSA was clearly angry at Garry’s peaceful display of flyers and posters.

The police even attended the fracas, and instructed Garry to delete this photo. Luckily Garry knew his rights, and you are entitled to take photographs in a public place (as this was, in the town centre) and we are also allowed to publish this photo as copyright is owned by the photographer.

This is another example of how the CSA operates, and how they believe they are above the law.

The demo is on the 19th June. You can also see a short video of this woman, where one of her colleagues shouts ‘You Pay’ at Garry, slandering him in public about his responsibilities towards his daughter, right here.

23 thoughts on “Father attacked by CSA worker

  1. The woman who attacked Garry during his peaceful protest and awareness demonstration should be reported immediately to the Police. Can you imagine what would have transpired if it had been a man attacking a woman???? Beggers believe. This woman has committed an Offence and should be brought to justice.

  2. Good post,maybe put it on YouTube too?
    My dealings with the CSA telling me there are just one too many embittered women working there.
    Yes there are those women who are helpful and I have spoken to them but just too many man haters.
    If and when there is an enquiry into the workings of the CSA let’s hope these few bitches with enormous chips on their shoulders are named and exposed.

  3. What gives this woman the right to attack a peaceful demonstrator. This is the whole problem with the CSA and its’ staff, they are a law unto themselves!

    The police should have arrested her for a public order offence!

  4. Even a tap on a shoulder in threatening manner is assault and a criminal offence. The individual needs arresting under British law and charged! End of! Gary press charges!

  5. She should have been arrested FFS. If it were the other way round you can bet that G would have been. Press charges. Plus the copper who said to delete the picture is another mindless idiot in a uniform, it is a disgrace that these people feel that they can do whatever they like and get away with it.

  6. Am Mark’s wife This sums it all up what the CSA are all about nasty ugly thugs!!! Down with the CSA press charges against them both she should be charge with assault and the other person with threatening behaviour and demand it!!! the police are civil servants and therefore servants to us the public and have a duty of maintain the peace,up hold the law and protecting the public just in case they forget those small details no one is above the law not even the queen. Keep up your great work and let the battle commence! .Michelle xxx

  7. This is very common….The people or so called professionals, of whom , hold others accountable, are themselves sheilded ,by the system their serve,and become totally unable to accept that they , in turn should be accountable in every way. If required to do so.

    An unfortunate and abusive element, which is “the norm”, within self serving and unaccountable, thus corrupt , systemic organisations maining found within the Family Courts, and Child Welfare/Protection.

    This largely goes on unabaited, many feel , myself inclued , because of the secret nature in which these systems work. Thus breeding a culture of professionals who often can become very aggressive and spiteful, if they are, or perseve to be, asked or challenged in regard to accountabillty of the professional judgements.

    These photographs cearly shows two key issues to me.

    Firstly, the ugly aggression from the female, reported to be a CSA employee , the vile look on her face says it all. Unlikely to be able to claim self defence…or similiar.

    Secondly, the protestor, who,s dress is clearly chossen to be non-threating , and an image of fun, even humbling
    Coupled with the desire and passon, which He feels as a committed parent, torwards the feelings for his children , and the motivation to do whatever He can for them.

    More not less quesions have to be asked, of the proffessional involved in making judgements , that effect many lives, often effecting many others, extended families, and the future of the culture these souls are to live in.

  8. My understanding is that peacfull Gary stood on the table and called, (shouted at the top of his voice) this woman a child abuser and murderer on account of all the so called suicides that the CSA has made them do! From my information Gray is to be interviewed by the police and this lady is going to press charges for public order – another ‘high prifile’ back firing LOL!

  9. @ tonto you are csa scum your probably the ugly witch in the photo! gary should press charges also and then we wil see who really is in the wrong,if gary did shout what you say then he was speaking the truth The csa really do make the children suffer so why dont you crawl back under the stone that you came from scumbag

  10. @Tonto. It is called freedom of speech, but the scum CSA don’t even want to allow UK ctiizens that now! The CSA are a ‘law unto themselves’ and ‘out of control’!

    If Gary spoke the truth, then there was nothing inflamatory in what he said. Therefore, when the police speak to Gary, and the truth emerges, the CSA worker, who has appraoched gary in a manacing and threatening way, should be charged with threatening behaviour!

    Here endeth the lesson!

  11. thats 1 rough csa worker
    this post clearly points out they dont like it when they are named and shamed
    but oh look a can do this and get away with because i work for the csa

    rough csa worker how does it feel that your mug shot is on the web
    do you like been name and shamed
    is your behaviour fair
    do you feel you have been treated fairly
    has you human rights been honoured
    can you provide Evidence that your ations are within the law
    if you have children do you think they should be in your care with this aggressive
    side of you
    if funny how nothing happens when people like do things like this and nothing happens
    but if you have a penis and full time job they claim all things under the sun
    child abuse tax
    limited child access to the father but you must pay full money

    tell you what let all the people who work and pay the way .tax ,bills ,etc etc
    aka the bread winners . the ones who can pay to look after there children because they work . instead of dead beats who want all ,the money ,access time and benfits which they have probly never fucking earned in the 1st place

    pls note this is directed to those people who dictate the responabilty to the nrp
    but do fuck all themself to pay for there children .

  12. Look at that ugly woman so full of hatred! Such a vile creature no doubt who clearly believes she is above the law!!

    Gary you should have pressed charges and she clearly would have your members wrapped in chicken wire till you had no money for food if she had her way the VILE creature!

    Am keen to see that video footage if anyone knows where it is?

    And @Tonto. Go crawl back up the skirt of the woman above and continue your munching! CSA SCUM!

  13. Thanks for all your comments , at the end of the day she knew why I was there the banner says it all and for her and her mate to come over and BRAG that they work for the CSA and say that Fathers should support their Kids was ” INSTIGATING TROUBLE ” … Yes I am pressing charges BUT even though I have this photo , video evidence , witnesses and the police tell me they have CCTV footage they seem to be dragging their feet ! ! ! ! ……. :-/ … P.S. I’ve also made a formal complaint to the CSA ( Janice CROOK ) but no reply yet ! ! ! !

  14. Gary,

    Well you keep going at it. They should not get away with it. Especially that little fruit cake that is not so bold today, who is probably hiding someplace, protected in a little back office someplace making her evil investigations. Not doubt only told by Janice to sit on ice “for a bit pet okay? Till it all blows over”

    No doubt the police are not helping. Stifled by the government that is happy to victimised every ‘legal fiction’ they hold to having a debt to them.

    For all fathers… Do take note of If you don’t know yet what the difference between Legal and Lawful then you should understand that the CSA is nothing more than another corporation attempting to persecute your legal fiction. And as a freeman there are things the government have no legislation over. Such as your rights, your common law rights.

    More information:

  15. Well done Gary for really winding her up. Thats whatthey look like when we go into court representing fathers who have been scammed into doing business with the CSA at the Magistrates or county Court. They hate it when we expose them and when we turn their own legislation against them.

    One more thing, Janis Crook just like Carla Prendergast are not real people thats why you won’t get a response,


  16. This video has either been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

    Has the video been deleted???

  17. Well surprise surprise, the video has been removed from Facebook – no doubt following more complaints from the CSA to Facebook.

    Fear not, the CSA has something coming they won’t be able to get removed or hide – and it’s a big one 🙂

  18. what a cunt she is i would have tid it up and taken it to the police and had it put dragged in the cell
    scum dirt
    good for you lad well done i wish i was there?

  19. I want a photo of her to put in my window to scare away the burglars – she is obviously a bitter and twisted single parent herself – she probably turned her husband gay

  20. I’m sorry, but it’s entirely impossible to comment on this as no-one has any clue of the context of this image – especially as the video is no longer available, which is perhaps convenient. This photo does not show a woman committing any kind of crime and we cannot know what happened in the minutes or seconds before and after this image was taken.

    There are lots of people here complaining of poor treatment of men and “man-haters” whilst simultaneously making misogynistic comments. If you want your cause to be taken seriously, think more carefully before making sweeping gender assumptions or personal attacks.

    This issue is about whether the CSA is working – in some cases, it forces parents to be financially responsible for their children who would otherwise not contribute. However, it also seems that, in some cases, the usual government agency bureaucracy overtakes common sense and logic, and the ability to base decisions on individual cases and their intricacies rather than a flawed rule book.

    That should be the focus – some of the comments here do your cause more harm than good. If there is video evidence of any assault whatsoever, the police should investigate it and press charges accordingly, but I suspect it’s not as serious and clean-cut as this article would have you believe.

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