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CSA forced to pay out more than £17 million in compensation to parents

The Child Support Agency has been forced to pay parents more than £17 million pounds in compensation because of a delay, administrative blunders, or from lost interest. The figures are from the last 5 years from the financial year April 2006-April 2011.

The report, which contained all of the facts and statistics, was released in a parliamentary written answer received by the Liberal Democrat MP Duncan Hames.

There were almost 65,000 consolatory payments that had to be made to parents in the past 5 years. This resulted in around £17.6 million having to be paid back. The average payout for a claim that a parent had made in the last five years was said to have been £267.

The worst year for the CSA for claim payouts was in 2008-2009. That year alone saw a total of £4.3 million pounds being paid out for mistakes that they had made. An average payout for a claim that year was a total of £292.

In the year 2010-2011 there was almost another 2 million pounds that had been paid back in compensation to parents, which saw an average claim payout of £227 for that year.

The Child maintenance commissioner Stephen Geraghty said:

“Consolatory payments are compensatory amounts paid to parents on an ex-gratia basis where delays or administrative errors have resulted in lower than expected service standards.”

“Compensation payments for lost interest are also classed as a consolatory payment.”

3 thoughts on “CSA forced to pay out more than £17 million in compensation to parents

  1. The common tactic from this incompetent bunch, is to pay you money out to people whom they have made mistakes with their case, and then stitch those people up with thousands of pounds worth of debt!

    It’s a shambles! Not fit for purpose and MUST be shut down!

  2. Agree completely with John above.

    They totally take your money and put it into a pot which is not entirely for your child but to pay for their blunders and mistakes… The above just shows that it’s far too big to sweep under the carpets anymore.

    Stephen Geraghty – Close up mate – They do employ at local garages for attendants! Maybe you might get that gold star you’ve been searching for all your life!

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