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Man at the end of his tether with the Child Support Agency

A man who claims that he is having his regular payments refused every month by the CSA says the organisation is making his life a misery.

Tim Ford, of Pentrich Road, has been trying to set up a direct debit for 8 months. But every month, when the payment is due, the money does not go out of his account.

This has led to monthly letters from the CSA demanding that he pay the amount, or threatening him with legal proceedings. Vital Payments that should be going towards bringing up his two year old son are being delayed by 2 or even 3 weeks.

This is an example of a NRP who wants to pay, but is unable to do so – the sort of story that the Child Support Agency does not highlight.

He said:

“I have just got to the end of my tether with them I really have.”

“You get a standard threatening letter every month off them that is five pages long.
Then I have to call them to explain to them what has happened and I can be on the phone for any time between ten minutes and an hour.”

“They have given me no reasons, they say it is an administration error – but I have to call them and they take my details again and again.”

The phone calls that Mr Ford makes can vary between ten minutes and an hour in length and sometimes cost him as much as £7 each time from his pay and go phone. He also thinks that the CSA has carried out credit checks without his permission, something which they admit they sometimes do.

A CSA spokesperson said:

“We will be urgently contacting Mr Ford to apologise to him for the delay in setting up a direct debit payment plan and to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The Government has recently set out its plan for a more effective and efficient child maintenance system.”

2 thoughts on “Man at the end of his tether with the Child Support Agency

  1. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cases like this.

    It should sound the ‘death knell’ of this shambolic, catatrophic, quango!

  2. Why are you phoning them? Never phone the CSA, always write to them as you will need this evidence later.

    And, why on earth do you want them to take money from you by direct debit? If you pay by direct debit, the CSA can take from you whatever amount they want, and whenever they want. And they will do this. If you have to pay them every month then pay by Standing Order. Then you are in control over what amount is taken and when. Write to the CSA, clearly stating what has happened, and complete incompetence and state that you wish to pay by Standing Order, and ask them to provide details of the Sort Code and Account No, and the reference they wish you to use.

    If they can’t or refuse to provide the info then send them a cheque each month until such time as they do. Alternatively, as the CSA are so incompetent, as we all know, why don’t you just pay your ex directly?

    And, make it very, very clear in your letters that it is there complete incompetence that has led to this situation, and that you are demanding compensation.

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