Signed off work depressed at the CSA’s actions

August 21, 2011

I have been with my parter 3 years and he has a child from when he was 16. the mother has another child with another man and she was 22 when got pregnant. (a lot older than my partner) She now uses the csa to control us. I am now on antidepressants from this and signed off from work.

Please help. WE have paid all his life. but she gave wrong addresses etc and we all of a sudden got a deductions of earnings order of 40% arrears of two grand apparently but then she decided to go back private so we had to……….but she wouldn’t close the case so its still hanging over us.

Why should i pay csa if i was tricked?

August 20, 2011

I was seeing this girl for a few weeks. We were  careful. I used condoms and she was on the pill, or so i thought.

One drunken night we didn’t use anything but believe me i was assured nothing would happen as she was on the pill. A few days later we split up and a few weeks later low and behold she’s pregnant. After i said i was not ready to have a baby n she lied and tricked me she told me its the right thing to have a termination.

As the months go i settle down with my now fiancee and a phone call comes saying that my ex has had the baby. I asked for a dna test as i only slept with her once without a condom and she told me she was on the pill, not only that i work away monday to friday!! 2 and half years have gone by and she has and still is refusing the dna test.

I’m not on the birth certificate and i got slapped with a five grand csa bill which i pay 170 per week which is putting me my partner and our child in debt everyweek . Now tell me is this fair that i was tricked into having a child and now have to be in debt by 100 per week while she swan off with 170 from me 100 from the goverment and whatever from her new boyfriend? While i slog my guts out every week for nothing? Just because my ex wanted a baby.

Complete and utter dispair caused by the Child Support Agency

August 20, 2011

I split with my partner around 6 years ago, we had a child of 2 years old when we went our separate ways. We had an agreement between us that i would pay her what i could afford each month which until recently was going fine. She then told me to expect a call from the CSA. This was the start of a nightmare! The CSA are a total joke and waste of government money and time. My reason to think of them in this way is below:

The CSA called me and asked for my details, ie income, address, NI number etc etc. I asked if they could give me an idea of how much i would need to pay based on my salary. ‘Yes no problem’ they said. To be fair the woman on the phone was quite helpful, but i am positive that they make you feel this when they make initial contact with you. Then the stress and frustration followed. I was sent so Read more

Forced to near homelessness more than once

August 19, 2011

My partner had a child 19 years ago supported her for first year then his partner left him for another man and made it clear she didnt want anything to do with him.

3 years ago my partner had a letter from child support saying he owed 18,000, and they put an attachment to earnings for a quarter of his wages in a couple of weeks of recieving this letter, we had abuse from the csa via telephone, misinformation , got an mp involved , contacted ex partner to write to say she didnt want money. They reduced it to 12,000 but still no information on how or what this money was for.

After months of stress and worry we finally snapped and my partner gave up his job and we moved as we couldnt afford to live where we were. Just after we moved my partner had a bad accident andh as been off work 3 months and only just gone back. We wrote to child support offering then £100 a month and told them he was back to work and that was what we could pay- result- totally ignored us and now got a hearing on Thursday for a liability order.

My partner was going to go but has been told that it is probaly a waste of time taking time off work – so looks like the whole process is happening again- all we want to do is pay PAY WHAT WE CAN AFFORD- if we cant get any right information any options to pay and they are going legally something tha is going to force us to move all over again otherwise we will be homeless- its just madness- surely it would be better for csa just to accept our payment offer – absoloutely madness.

Old rules to new Phasing

August 19, 2011

I am a non-resident parent, a term I truly hate. I separated from my wife with whom I have a daughter amicably and we had a private agreement regarding child support payments. Later I then fathered a child with a girl that I was briefly with, who put a claim in with the CSA as is her entitlement, no problem so far…….

That initial claim was in the old rules that would not recognise the on-going private agreement therefore my ex-wife then placed a claim with the CSA in order for child support for my daughter to be recognised. This was placed into the new rules and a new combined assessment was made bringing the claim from the old rules into new rules format…..still no problem.

A few years later I remarried and had a daughter with my wife, all along a had paid every amount requested by the CSA , informing them of all changes in income and never missed a payment. I later had a another Read more

CSA stands for “cause stress always”

August 18, 2011

I have been paying the correct amount the CSA have asked me too since 2005. Every schedule received it showed the amount and no arrears.

I have always been in touch when there was a change of circumstances (i.e when my eldest son lived with me). I recently received a phone call to inform me i owed over three thousand pounds and they demanded payment or ways of payment. My wife asked for prove in writing of how these arrears had occurred . The person in question was not interested of my wife’s request as it Read more

I am a non resident mother

August 18, 2011

I am a Mother and the non resident parent of my son.

My ex has my son for five nights out of seven. This is something that I did not want but through his controlling and bullying it ended up like it. I cannot afford to take my ex to the family court to see my son more often. I have two older children aged 18 & 19 I have my 12 year old son every weekend and I work full time.

My ex has four houses, many vehicles and earns three times the abount than than I do. He also receives Read more

Loss of my child caused by CSA

August 17, 2011

I am a non resident parent who dissapeared abroad.

I was ex military, then spent 16 years as a prison officer before becoming self employed.

I fought the Child Support Agency for 6 years. For one child I was meant to pay 15% of my earnings. The calculations by the Child Support Agency reached as high as 90% of my earnings.

The CSA refused to accept copies of my bank statements or Income Tax returns and stated all information had to come from the resident parent.

I tried to fight the Child Support Agency through the Court but I was told by the Read more

Ex says she will stop contact unless I pay more

August 17, 2011

My daughter has stopped at my parents every Sunday & Monday night since being 6 months old, when me and my ex partner broke up, I moved back to my parents until this year, and my daughter now being 7yrs old! Everything was fine, paying CSA no problems, 2 nights deductions again not an issue! Now I moved into my own property and spoke with my ex about more contact – she readily agreed and my daughter then stopped at mine every Friday & every other Saturday as well as going to my parents on a Sunday & Monday. After a few weeks my daughter enjoyed being at my new place so much that she wanted to stop more – so she then stopped on Read more

Ex doesn’t pay because he thinks we have enough

August 16, 2011

My daughter is going to be 12 soon & her dad has never paid a penny towards her up keep. He has never shown any real interest & feels that he doesn’t need to contribute anything either because in his words my daughter doesn’t want for anything! Meaning that because I work my butt off to make sure she’s well looked after & provided for that he doesn’t need to bother.

Things are very tight for me, trying to provide & I’m sick of him not taking any responsibility for the life he helped create. Could you please reply & give me some advice on what my next move should be.

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