Cannot even afford a holiday because of the Child Support Agency

August 26, 2011

Ladies and gents that are pro csa listen up!!!! I have been with my other half for over 8yrs and have known his daughter since she was 18 mths. I know his daughters mum came ofF the pill just to get pregnant because she told his mum that the doctor said (wait for this) to take the pill tablet once a week, thats after she found out she was pregnant, his mum is a nurse and obviously this is b++++++t.

He having been brought up well supported her and then found out she was having an affair with the kitchen fitter to boot, after which he left her but still arranged to pay full support to the child. He as always paid a large amount to her, and continued this for the full 8 yrs, untilllllllllllll, we had our own baby, and from then on she has threatened on a monthly basis despite getting the same money , she threatened to Read more

Woman on contraceptive injection still fell pregnant

August 26, 2011

I met a lady, over a five month period, and her husband, left her, for a younger woman, she lost her home and the pair of them owe 65k between them and they used to fight, like nothing ive ever seen before, so thinking on in my wisdom decide this was not the sort of relationship I want to be involved in!!! She had the injection and the mini, pill, after leaving this saturation she called me to tell me she was have my baby.

I have been supportive and helpful, but now im being told she will, be going to the csa, babies name will have another mans name, and I will not be able to see the baby and I’m going to have 15% of my net wages, surely if I have to Read more

Lost my home because refused to pay Child Support

August 25, 2011

I started my claim for child support from my ex partner in 2008.

I received 4 payments, the last being £13.99 over 2 years ago. I contact the csa on a regular basis only to be told there is a change of circumstances… again!

My ex has always worked, i knew this for definate but the csa were just taking his word that he wasn’t. I complained to an independant authority about the way the csa had handled my case. On the 7/7/2011 i received letters from the csa informing me that my ex was working, which i knew, and now owes me arrears of over £4000.00.

To me this is just a piece of paper with words on it. I rang the csa and asked them how they intended to recover this money and once again was fobbed off with them saying it was with their collections dept and they couldnt tell me anything.

In the 3 years + that i have been waiting for child support i have had my house repossessed owing less to my mortgage company than my ex owes me!

I feel totally let down and something needs to be done.

CSA keeps making up arrears no matter how many times I complain

August 25, 2011

In 2009 after paying the csa on a doe order since 2005, i got hit with a £1400 arrears bill, with which i spent 13 months contesting it.

In june 2010, while talking to one of the so called case workers, they stopped the £1400 arrears within 7 days! Something which normally takes 12 weeks. Then 13 months later, after not hearing anything from them, i rang them to ask for an arrears breakdown, to which they agreed and i received.

Just after receiving this breakdown, i was sent a giro for £12 which i was told was a refund, and i was to expect more! suprise suprise, 1 week later i was told i owe them £192!

I then contested this and emailed them 4 times, but i have not to this day received a call from the appropriate worker that dealt with my case. I only received phone calls from the numptys who look at the computer all day and get told they would pass my emails onto the relevent worker.

What a bloody joke.

Kids are not mine

August 24, 2011

Just trying to find out where I stand. Spoke to CSA and said take legal advice???

In 83/84 met this girl, 1985 1st child born, second child born in 86. Married late 86, divorced 87 due to as she says didn’t love me!!.

Anyway paid CSA out of wages, then from myself & my new wifes income (married her in 89). I had two children to my second wife but still provided them with money.

Anyway yesterday (18th Aug 2011) was told that the two children from first wife were not mine…. Said had DNA test to prove they were not.

Can I claim the money I paid to the CSA for first wife as real father never paid a penny and she knew they were not mine when the first was born and never told me.

Many thanks in advance


CSA cut my money

August 24, 2011

The CSA paid me a measly £28 a week from my ex partners £500 a week NHS job. They contacted me in June to say that I had been underpaid and that he should be paying £33 per week. I had experience of their inefficiency and so thought no more of it. However since that letter they have CUT my money by £14!!!

When I phoned to complain they say ‘THE SYSTEM’ shows an overpayment…when it is actually an underpayment and they are deducting it from my money. when I pointed out the obvious mistake they tell me there is nothing they can do Read more

CSA are useless

August 23, 2011

For nearly 3 years I have been trying to get money from my ex who keeps moving and keeps swapping jobs it too the cs 9 months to get 1 payment, i have received compensation from them! All i want is my ex to pay money is should be paying, after 6 payments in 36 months and several letters of complaint to my mp the cas have now gone to court for a court order to start legal proceedings to claim the money back and start sending the bayliffs round well i cant wait – shame it takes the csa 3 years to start this process! The are completley useless and I cant wait for the bayliffs to start knocking!! If dead beat dads dont pay they should loose everything!! Although am sure it will take another 3 years for me and my son to get any money!

How do the CSA Variance rules work?

August 22, 2011

I have a 6 year old son who i see regularly i have always paid above required amounts.

I have always paid for all contact costs as she moved 160 miles away. Her response: if you want to see your son you pay. I have my son every other weekend and school holidays. My point of contention is this: I have a variation for the nights she says he spends with me, not the real figure of course but we know who the csa beleive.

Variance rules are i can get help with exessive travel costs which are well over 200 a month, then the csa say i cannot as i have my son overnight. How do they think he gets here by magic and i cannot change variances? Soon i will not be able to have any quality of time with my son as i will not be able to have him at his/my home how is this good for him.

As usual pwc=not caring csa= scamming home wrecking thieves.

Any advice much appreciated.

Ex has a good job but gets away with paying pennies

August 22, 2011

Please can you give me some advice?? from 2009 i have fought to get arrears back off my ex partner through the csa! I found out my ex had another child while he had been with me and that my money would be split in two which is fair enough. The problem is that most of my money was paid to the other lady at the start of my case ( which i never got back) so my case got suck in the system.

Finally after 2 yrs i was told that they had everything sorted and that i was going to start getting my arrears back!! from i got this letter ive had nothing but bad luck, june i received £98 instead of the usual £152.28 i had got Read more

Is there a CSA Lobby Group?

August 21, 2011

Is there a lobby group for the CSA, i would like to get involved if there is, as my case which I have self litigated for the lst 11.5 years is apparently very unusual and complicated.

I would relish the opportunity to help others who suffer with the incompetence of this legisaltion. What organisation designed to support the children, has persecuted so many for so long with no recompence? I may well by the CSA estimates be owed £85K, it is equally wrong I am owed it and that the NRP has to potentially pay it as who in their right mind would want to let the debt get so big, the legislation should protect the NRP from themselves in this instance as well as the children who need the money and the PWC.

It is the legisaltion which needs addressing and most urgently. A lobby group would be able to put forward this and help re write the law to protect everyone involved in financing the nations children.

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