Why should i pay csa if i was tricked?

August 20, 2011

I was seeing this girl for a few weeks. We were  careful. I used condoms and she was on the pill, or so i thought.

One drunken night we didn’t use anything but believe me i was assured nothing would happen as she was on the pill. A few days later we split up and a few weeks later low and behold she’s pregnant. After i said i was not ready to have a baby n she lied and tricked me she told me its the right thing to have a termination.

As the months go i settle down with my now fiancee and a phone call comes saying that my ex has had the baby. I asked for a dna test as i only slept with her once without a condom and she told me she was on the pill, not only that i work away monday to friday!! 2 and half years have gone by and she has and still is refusing the dna test.

I’m not on the birth certificate and i got slapped with a five grand csa bill which i pay 170 per week which is putting me my partner and our child in debt everyweek . Now tell me is this fair that i was tricked into having a child and now have to be in debt by 100 per week while she swan off with 170 from me 100 from the goverment and whatever from her new boyfriend? While i slog my guts out every week for nothing? Just because my ex wanted a baby.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    If it’s your child who should pay?
    Me and other taxpayers on this forum?
    I’ve decided to get a pet dog.
    Who should pay for the food and vets bills?

    This forum is about parents who have problems with the CSA.
    Not about men who have problems keeping it their trousers.

    Your child – you pay.

  • Terry says:

    I think your comment to the origional post is abit harsh.
    What he is saying is that he doesnt even know if he is the father as she refuses a dna test.
    If he is the father then im sure he would pay towards the child just not the stupid amount the CSA is asking for.
    As for the comment about who should pay and you ask the tax payer. They are paying for the child anyway. This is par of the problem that is stopping some single parents bothering going back to work.
    They are getting money twice.
    The benefits are what the government deem they need to survive. They get that which is payed by the tax payer and then all the money that the robbing gets at the CSA demand aswell with no deductions from their benefits.

    I noticed you havnt even bothered to put a real name on your comment.
    That tells me you are probably one of the single parents trying to get as much money as possible (I know not all are like that) or work for the CSA.

  • CT says:

    Agreed, definitely a woman and who lacks empathy.

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