CSA stands for “cause stress always”

August 18, 2011

I have been paying the correct amount the CSA have asked me too since 2005. Every schedule received it showed the amount and no arrears.

I have always been in touch when there was a change of circumstances (i.e when my eldest son lived with me). I recently received a phone call to inform me i owed over three thousand pounds and they demanded payment or ways of payment. My wife asked for prove in writing of how these arrears had occurred . The person in question was not interested of my wife’s request as it was showing on the system and he had completed a full breakdown of the amount paid since 2005 and the system was right and we were not.

He was not interested in ourselves trying to prove this may be an error on there behalf. They then contacted my employee and the secretary and was rude and demanding. This situation has left us devastated and we not having the proceeds to prove that an error has been made on their behalves and have taken it to our local mP. The way they treat people is despicable.talk about being stressed not only have they caused me stress my wife stress but upset my boss and the secretary.

Why don’t they bother the people that genuinely dodge the system not the ones that have always paid!


  • John says:

    Don’t speak to them by phone. get everything in writing. If you are being threatened you should inform the police and make a statement regarding harassment.

    Your M.P. will ‘soft soap’ you as the politicians are in on the CSA ‘scam’ also. So make sure he gives you your answers in writing!

    Make an offical complaint to the CSA and the ICE, and write to Duncam Smith at the DWP and ask him what he is doing about the ‘shambles’ known as CSA!

  • zoom08 says:

    Been paying £40 a week for 4 years had a review send wage slips mortgage statement in may 2011. Weeks go by month then month. Thought to myself ok pay a little extra not a prob. Got home after a hard day at work ive got to pay £121. They must of made a mistake £121 for a 10 year old girl a week ?. Then the following day another letter same colour BROWN envelope. I must know pay £163 a week for back payment they sent my review late by 7 months late august 2011, back payment from feb 2011 they never inquired till may 2011, what joke not funny really. Now i know why people dont work in this country why when the goverment dont live in the real world i,m still fighting. Might be moving country soon. Do they want to split children and parents apart they talk about family values. THE GOVERMENT SHOULD HANG THERE HEAD IN SHAME I DONT MIND PAYING FOR MY CHILD AND HELPING BUT THEY DONT LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD I HAVE A MORTGAGE BILLS THAT RISE EVERY WEEK AND NOW I CANT TREAT MY CHILD EVERY FORTNIGHT CAUSE SOME PEOPLE DONT LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD. MIGHT HAVE TO PACK IN WORK CANT AFFORD THE PETROL £45 A WEEK. I ONLY EARN £24000 A YEAR SINGLE TAXED TO HIGH HEAVEN THEN THIS ? NEVER EVER VOTING FOR ANY PARTY AGAIN.

  • Graham Hankin says:

    I cannot agree more with that last statement. I have been paying my money regularly for a number of years yet still they harrass me. About two months I was threatened with court and deductions from earnings because I was paying too much, yes too much.

    Then two weeks ago out of the blue they sent me a refund of my last payment. Upon enquiring why they had done this, I was informed that they did not know. I did suggest that they might like to investigate, but they were not interested. I then jokingly said that the next thing they will do is tell me I am behind in my payments – and guess what – the woman on the phone said well yes you are and would I like to make a payment by card there and then. I politely (just) pointed out that I was not behind as my payments were completely up to date. So I returned the cheque by registered post with a sarcastic letter.

    Three days later a letter advising me that I was in arrears and needed to pay an amount straight away turned up in the post. This letter was also dated a day after the letter I had returned the cheque in had been received at their office. So it was back on the phone. And it was an absolute hoot – apparently I was paying too early! Wrong snow and leaves on the line jump to mind!!!

    They really are useless!!

    I did suggest that maybe they should concentrate on chasing up non payers instead of wasting tax payers money writing to people like me, but that was just ignored.

    Glad to see that I am not the only frustrated person out there.

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