Forced to near homelessness more than once

August 19, 2011

My partner had a child 19 years ago supported her for first year then his partner left him for another man and made it clear she didnt want anything to do with him.

3 years ago my partner had a letter from child support saying he owed 18,000, and they put an attachment to earnings for a quarter of his wages in a couple of weeks of recieving this letter, we had abuse from the csa via telephone, misinformation , got an mp involved , contacted ex partner to write to say she didnt want money. They reduced it to 12,000 but still no information on how or what this money was for.

After months of stress and worry we finally snapped and my partner gave up his job and we moved as we couldnt afford to live where we were. Just after we moved my partner had a bad accident andh as been off work 3 months and only just gone back. We wrote to child support offering then £100 a month and told them he was back to work and that was what we could pay- result- totally ignored us and now got a hearing on Thursday for a liability order.

My partner was going to go but has been told that it is probaly a waste of time taking time off work – so looks like the whole process is happening again- all we want to do is pay PAY WHAT WE CAN AFFORD- if we cant get any right information any options to pay and they are going legally something tha is going to force us to move all over again otherwise we will be homeless- its just madness- surely it would be better for csa just to accept our payment offer – absoloutely madness.


  • steve says:

    you need help and quick call durham legal services , i use these guys!! as for the order dont worry about it they cant make you homeless!! they will put the debt on the house so if you sell then they get paid!! and they cant force the sale of the house either! i owe these leeches 22k and paying it of 100 a month fair enough it will take me 18 years but i hope my solicitors will get to sort it out as i belive i only owe 7k!.

    when in court the csa solicitor will want to speak with you note: tell them nothing!!! request you go into the judge tell them that they have not listend to you tell them you have been bullied , take proof of your partners JSA ,debts etc , make the judge a resonable offer of payment IE £20 or £25 a week, the judge i had said in her words, and i quote: i am fed up with the CSA putting lives and destroying familys who are struggling and there bullying tactics are shameful:

    so chin up dont let the bastards get you down!!! they are an agency and not the law!! the sooner this agency is shut down the better and then mums and dads who split may get things sorted without being scared of these leaches!!

  • tina says:

    Hallalooyah ! Finally a judge that makes sense and plays fair to everyone without bullying and badgering.

    My partner is too one of the many that pays for their kids and doesnt even benefit from seeing them – how do we know their benefitting from any payments when the ex is enjoying holidays abroad and we are selling our house to try and live a habital life together without struggling.

    Please could judges like above appeal themselves to the government for this agency that seems to have so much power to crawl back under the rock they came from.

    Women use the csa for revenge on men that have done nothing wrong.

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