Ex says she will stop contact unless I pay more

August 17, 2011

My daughter has stopped at my parents every Sunday & Monday night since being 6 months old, when me and my ex partner broke up, I moved back to my parents until this year, and my daughter now being 7yrs old! Everything was fine, paying CSA no problems, 2 nights deductions again not an issue! Now I moved into my own property and spoke with my ex about more contact – she readily agreed and my daughter then stopped at mine every Friday & every other Saturday as well as going to my parents on a Sunday & Monday. After a few weeks my daughter enjoyed being at my new place so much that she wanted to stop more – so she then stopped on Sundays & Mondays – now this is where the trouble began!

My ex refused to tell the CSA that my daughter was with me on Sun & Mon and carried on disputing this with the CSA – both had to prove where she was! Luckily for me the CSA have agreed with me based on proof of residence and now awaiting the new payment forms BUT my greedy ex has now stopped me having all contact with my daughter – gone to a solicitor to say I am bullying her into joint access and only doing it to reduce CSA ( reduction is £50p/m ) but this is only after 5 months of joint access! She now wants me to have my daughter 1 weekend in 2, even though I have had her every weekend since we split up when my daughter was 18months old.

Unless i agree to her terms she is removing contact! Luckily I have my solicitor on the case but it is going to cost £1000′s if goes all way to court as I don’t qualify for legal aid!

Question: Can my ex legally do this as I have parental responsibility – and as the CSA claim was appealed and this is now the decision appeal – can she appeal again??


  • martin dell says:

    take her to court get a court order in place for access then she cant stop contact you can do it urself all you need is a c100 form

    this also can reduce the amount the csa child abusers scum can take

    take all text message and evidence with you

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