CSA claim money paid was voluntary payments

November 20, 2010

I HAVE COMPLAINED 3 TIMES to the CSA about the arrears my husband owes me BECAUSE IN 2007N WHEN WE SEPERATED I paid all household bills inc Life Ins Credit card and loans. I have provioded numerous invoices,account breakdowns and my bankruptcy paperwork to show the amount of debt my husband left us in. I complained to the agency when he was saying the money he was giving me had been agreed. I recently provided emails from him stating that he would pay the Mortgage,which I have been told is considered as voluntary payments. I was paying £900 a month fro debt and bills. I was also informed at the time that as long as the money was going towards bills then it had to count.Twice I have been awarded arrears and twice taken away. Andrew Northal was in complaint in 2007/2008 and had awarded arrears due to my ex husband lying about being made redundant and being sacked. In June Another Andrew (surname unknown)send me a letter on 14-06-10 saying I had been awarded £4262 so voluntary payments that were not used due to my ex husbands debt.

I sent some emails he sent me in 2007 saying he would pay the debt he owes me. The agency has had these figures 3 times and my bankruptcy notes showing debt. Emma in September worked on my case after my husband has complained and said only £35 arrears. She said there was Read more

Daughter living abroad

November 20, 2010

I found out a few months ago that my ex partner was moving to france with her new husband and taking my daughter with her. i found out accidentally and with only 24hrs notice before she was to leave the country, i was unable to contact my ex as she had moved from her house but managed to confirm she was moving to france by speaking to her neighbour. i contacted the csa to find out if they had any knowledge of this to which they didnt, they informed me that if this is true then my case will be closed and no further payments will be needed untill my ex actually returned to live in the uk.

I contacted the csa again the following day who in formed me they had spoken to my ex who confirmed she was moving permanently to france and that the case will be passed on to be closed and that i should hear from them shortly regarding this. a month passed and a payment to the csa went directly out of my wages as usual so i contacted them, they then steted that the case is still waiting to be closed and they will be Read more

CSA made up arrears from 17 years ago

November 19, 2010

Yesterday I got home and had a letter from csa saying i owed £7100. I stopped paying in april 2008 and was told case was closed I also received a cheque for overpayment. I called them and was told it is arrears from sometime in 1993 to 1994.

I have thrown almost all correspendence out but still have 2 letters saying case closed and 2 letters regarding 2 seperate cheques for overpayment. In july 2002 my partner my daughter and stepdaughter moved into our present home I gave csa our new details and when they reassesed they told me I did not have to pay anymore 9 months later I received a letter asking why i had stopped paying and how much I owed. They denied the previous letter but I copied it and sent it to them.

Also they accidently during a phone conversation told me we were a family of 3 and did not have details of my stepdaughter which I had gave to them years before. Can they legally do this to me when they haven’t put the correct info into their system when it has been made available to them? could someone please give me some advice thank you.

My CSA hell has been going on for years

November 19, 2010

Having just read the story about voluntary payments suddenly becoming arears I felt I had to write. It would be simply impossible for me to tell the whole story – but I’ll try and simplify it as best I can.

My husband has been paying his maintenance to his ex wife for the past 7 years without fail by standing order. He knew he had arrears of approx £2,500 incurred right at the start of the break up when he was in a very bad place, and for which he had come to an arrangement to pay an extra £100 per month on top of his normal payments to clear this in 2 years.

Last month we moved from our 2 up 2 down tiny house into a 3 bed semi – nothing palacial! In July, his 15 year old son came to live with us for the month following a nasty incident at his home involving my husband’s ex wife’s partner and herself (another story there too!) My husband had to pay his ex wife for this month, as it was deemed too short a time to be reassessed. So not only did he have to support his son with travel to school which was a long way etc etc – his ex wife STILL got to get the maintenance.

Anyway that’s nothing. It seemed that once the CSA had looked at his case they would have a good old go at him. He received a call from some ignorant imbecile at the CSA advising that he owed over £7,000 in arrears. I cannot begin to tell you what hell the past 6 weeks have been like following this. My husband had to leave work following this call as the person speaking to him would simply not Read more

CSA want 6 times more than I can afford to pay

November 18, 2010

Firstly i wasnt allowed to see my daughter at all so my ex could claim the maximum amount from the csa.I have allways paid the correct amount which i worked out from the csa calculator. My job hours vary a lot i.e one week i earn £180 the next £390 then £220 .I have a daughter that lives with me full time so i have to do school runs.

My ex wanted more money so she involved the csa out of spite. Unbenown to me the contacted my work and asked for 5 payslips.. this was the five weeks running up to xmas so i had loads of overtime and a big bonus . Sadly they took this as my average pay and wanted a huge amount of money a week whicj i couldnt afford. Eventually i got this reduced but she wantd more. So off to court i went. I was told by the csa NOT to go.  I did go and was abused and made to look like a criminal by the judge and she has ordered the original payments to start again but with arrears now for a year so now they have put an attachment of earnings on my work for £130 a week.

Ii earn £350 ish my rent and bills are about £330. I may have to go ont the dole.




Need help dealing with the CSA

November 18, 2010

In June 2002 i received and IMA assessment for £164.10 per week for my 2 daughters. At the time i was in a very dark place with depression and getting over a suicide attempt and was on SSP sick pay.In November 2002 i had a face to face meeting and provided all my details and the guy told me i would be on a nil assessment. About a year later my ex disappeared after sending me a note saying she is moving to the USA to be with her mother.This resulted in me trying to commit suicide again.I never heard off the CSA or my ex from that time on.

Fast track to October of this year and a week after being put on the sick because i have COPD i get a letter from the CSA, telling me i owe £70,000 !! I rang them up, asking how i could owe such an amount because the last i heard off them was 2002 where i was told I’ll be on a nil payment.Also i gave details of my current situation, the fact I’m with a new partner with a step son ( Gave names DOB etc ), i gave details of my rent etc and gave permission for them to get details of my sick pay off my employer. I got the normal off them was, i don’t have your files and will take Read more

Can’t afford the CSA payments

November 17, 2010

I had an agreement with my ex wife i would pay a nominal sum to her as she wanted nothing from me. if she wanted some help with school uniform school trips or just some clothes then we would go shopping.

I had to go to court to get an access order just for my daughter knows when she will see her daddy. the amount was asked by the judge then. that cost me a small fortune. she cant even keep to that so we are going back to court.

Now i have just been contacted by the CSA contacted me and want more money that i have. as i am in the building trade and there is not the work about my money is no where what they think it is and with all the rising bills it leave me with not enough to eat or feed my daughter. but no one cares about dads who really are Read more

How much does it cost to bring up a child?

November 16, 2010

One of the biggest criticisms of the way the Child Support Agency operates in the UK is in the way it works out your child maintenance payments based on a percentage of your earnings, instead of what it actually costs to raise a child. So for example if your take home pay, after tax, is £1,000 at the end of the month and you’re paying for three children you’ll pay 25%, £250, for those children.

If however your take home pay after tax is £4,000, you’ll have to pay £1,000 each month to the CSA… and so on and so forth, regardless of how much the parent with care actually needs to raise a child. This unfair system means that non resident parents aren’t encouraged in any way to better themselves and earn more money because they know their CSA payments will increase accordingly.

So, the question is; while the CSA believes that one child costs 15% of the non resident parent’s income per month to raise, how much does it actually cost to bring up a child? How much money do you believe a parent with care should receive to raise a child?

Let’s assume we’re not talking about London here as costs in London can be a lot more. Let’s try and assume we’re looking at an average location within the UK in which a single parent, with a child, is living. What does it cost each month to raise a child?

Thoughts people?

Paying too much to the CSA

November 16, 2010

I’ve been divorced for about 15 years now i got behind on support but working on getting it back up… The worst thing of it is i got out of work for about 3 or 4 years and now I’m back working now been for almost 6 years i been away from my 2 boys almost theyre hole lives never gotten to see them on birthdays never spent not one christmas with them and still i barely get by on whats left of a paycheck i have to pay 500 on rent then utilities and i get paid bi-weekly once they take out for the support i make about 250 to 300 each payday what can i do to get these payments lowered one boy isnt even living at home he is out living with friends and is 19 now and already been to jail and probably has worrents out for him . we got divorced because i didnt want that for my children but from what my oldest says my younger gets all the love at home with theyre mother and he is an outcast.

My ex wife gotten into drugs and drinking alot around them so i got a divorce thinking that would help fix the problem but i guess the state didnt see me fit to raise the boys better than that i now live with a girl i been with for 10 years about and Read more

CSA has let my girls down

November 16, 2010

I feel CSA has not provided the support they should have done. I have asked for my case to be reopened from 1994- 2007. If and when I received maintainence no sooner had I got it, it stopped. Correct information was not given to CSA by the ex partner. So much that in 2002 when he brought another house unknown to me he and his wife started their family business in other words they had brought a farm. In 2003 there was a tribunal hearing (nothing was declared about the business or their income). I never received anymore money.

Even now the evidence is there, who ever I get in contact with passes me onto someone else, I feel I am constantly banging my head against the wall. I feel I need some support but they do nothing to help even now. On a good note Inland Revenue is very interested to hear what has happened. When will the CSA stop making errors and admit they have made mistakes.

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