Need help dealing with the CSA

November 18, 2010

In June 2002 i received and IMA assessment for £164.10 per week for my 2 daughters. At the time i was in a very dark place with depression and getting over a suicide attempt and was on SSP sick pay.In November 2002 i had a face to face meeting and provided all my details and the guy told me i would be on a nil assessment. About a year later my ex disappeared after sending me a note saying she is moving to the USA to be with her mother.This resulted in me trying to commit suicide again.I never heard off the CSA or my ex from that time on.

Fast track to October of this year and a week after being put on the sick because i have COPD i get a letter from the CSA, telling me i owe £70,000 !! I rang them up, asking how i could owe such an amount because the last i heard off them was 2002 where i was told I’ll be on a nil payment.Also i gave details of my current situation, the fact I’m with a new partner with a step son ( Gave names DOB etc ), i gave details of my rent etc and gave permission for them to get details of my sick pay off my employer. I got the normal off them was, i don’t have your files and will take some details and call you back in a day or two. Now I’m not one to sit back and wait, so got on the internet and found this and other sites. Following the advice, i followed up with a letter, asking for a full breakdown and advice on how these alleged arrears came about, I also sent off for my DP files. The very next day i got another letter off the CSA, doing a DOE, My net pay was £364 PW and they ordered my company to take £328 PW with a protected earnings of £132.00 PW. I thought that they could only take 40% max .

Today, i received a letter from the CSA, telling me that they have looked at my files and i wasn’t reassessed after the face to face meeting ( that was the whole point of the meeting ) so therefore they are using the IMA from June 2002 and at this time i now owe £71,600 ! Also asking for 5 wage slips from before and 5 showing my sick pay, asking for my partners NI number and DOB of her and my step son. Until they have these i won’t be reassessed. Also they told me that the 40% rule no longer apply ??? As it happens I’m only getting £79 PW on SSP just now but there is no way i could even think of returning to work.

This is all getting a bit much for me, i spent years on anti depressant, 5 suicide attempts and only after meeting my partner 3 years ago have i got better and been off them for the last 2 years, however i feel I’m slipping down that route again and i can’t stop it. So any help, advice of where to go now, what’s my next step etc, I’m thinking i need to appeal but where how etc?? Any advice i’d be grateful for.



  • Jim Rigley says:

    Ask them for a copy of the legislation where the 40% rule changed. As far as Im aware that rule hasnt changed!Goto your MP, and scream!

  • Richard Murray says:

    GP ,MP , Ignore all correspondence from these incompetent bastards let them get you in front of a judge given your circumstances they have not got a chance of enforcement after all this time ,, that amount of money you should of had notice years ago

  • Peter Anderson says:

    I've been thru the same thing. The depression every time the Csa attacks etc. They wanted £45,000 from me in 2006, same thing they failed to implement a nil assessment in 2000. The reason nil assessments are not implemented is because the Csa officer concerned would lose their bonus on this money that their collecting! Do not speak to them unless it is to threaten them. Deal with everything in writing. The case is simple, A nil assessment was implemented (or should have been) and remains in force to this day! Therefore there is nothing outstanding! Just write back telling them the above and that their actions have put you back on anti-depressants etc and that you will be seeking damages from them. If they send you a letter saying they are going to obtain a Liability Order then just write back wiith the above again and saying that any application must be heard in your local Magistrates Court (and name it). Then if they advise you that they are going to Court (usually somewhere a long way away) write to the Court with a copy of your earlier letter and stating that the case must be transferred. The Csa will write back withdrawing their case. Send me a friend request and we can have a chat about it.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I would advise at this point due to SSP that clearly your are on the sick at current…. hopefully you have shared care arrangements… I still have outstanding arrears that the CSA cannot retrieve as I am disabled and therefore on state benefit and have shared care….. I am nil assessed with outstanding arrears… CSA cannot touch me for recovery of those arrears… I hope this information is of benefit to you…. I have no more stresses about CSA and have instructed them if they wish to pursue me any further that they take me to court… that way I can present the evidence of their attempted Fraud and their attempted theft due to their inaccurate calculations of arrears.. by the use of incomplete evidence relevant to the time period in question…I will also present the issue of how my child benefits without my provision of payments to CSA were the PWC benefits and not my child… My child benefits from the monies in my pocket and not the PWC's pocket and history tells me she is unable to budget effectively to the best interest of our child!!!!

  • Richard Murray says:

    Top advise pete !

  • Glennys Ashley says:

    Contact Support Solutions,You can fid details on the internet, they helped us a lot

  • David Cleveland-Dunn says:

    contact the NACSA ….

  • Bill McAlester says:

    Are you on CSA 1 or 2, makes a big difference in what you can do!

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    csa is the most curupt thing the goverment do its easy money and they dont care who they hurt they told me today my arrears have been sqashed but they say i still owe£ 24000 to the state how can that be?

  • Allan Morrell says:

    to the state? thought it wer supposed to be for the PWC and child….

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    thats wot they want you to beleive they are just robbing the innocent and hard working fathers of this country

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Christopher… I was actually being sarcastic…lolIf you read many posts that I have entered, you will realise I have a sarcastic nature about my personality and my many amusing disputes with the responses to comments I make against Selfish, greedy arrogant PWC's are amusing to many, May my audience who enjoy my comments and disputes provide you with their opinions as to the disputes I have had with many PWC's who have raised points that I have questioned and find they cannot provide any exhonaration of their unreasonable, illogical attacks on my comments… Entertaining?????Feel free to let me know!!!!!!!

  • tony says:

    Don’t let them grinf you down……they aint worth it.

    Time to stop being mr nice guy…i would read what some guys have put in other posts on here theres some good advice….the straight and narrow route doesnt wor when dealing with the csa i learnt that..(see my history in the posts)……you need to put in place some measures and play a few little games to get your control back….

    just remember one thing regardless of what the csa and some pro csa members say the csa arent interested in child care there interested in money and there stats….

  • ken says:

    get ure details from the csa.under the freedom of
    information act.stress that you want all the information from costs £10,and they must reply within 40 should show
    your face to face and the result of your interview. if they have
    not contacted you at the last known adress u supplied they cannot
    claim this money.provided you told them of any changes of
    will also show if they have tried to contact you at an old
    adress.good luck mate.stay strong with your new partner she sounds
    a great girl

  • missc says:

    as far as i am aware there is no government legislation or law that can make you pay the arrears it says something on nacsa website about this were waiting on csa claim coming through to take money from my partner for his child to another marriage and they are taking it back to 2009 this is ridiculous they have yet to realise and his silly idiot of an ex that the only thing she is doing is going to leave herself with a screaming child that cant see his father because his earnings are only 170 pounds a week and he will hardly be able to afford travel arangements totalling two hundred pounds after he pays his travel to work fuels his car and pays his share of household bills women should be just grateful they can have children speaking as a female myself unable to have children, grow up you silly bitches they have divorced you get off your fat arses put the tea and fags down switch off daytime tv and start and take responsibility for the child/children you have been blessed with instead of using them as bargaining tools any women who have a man whos ex wife is doing this to them too stick with your man its not their fault CSA SHOULD BE BANNED

  • angrymom says:

    missc,, i think you’ll find it takes 2 to make a child. the absent parent should step up and emotionally and finanially support their kids.
    dont really think you should take it out on women who can have kids just because you cant. makes your bitterness the same as a parents biterness towards ex’s who dont help raise their kids, at the end of the day kids do cost money, fact,,,, i support my kids but do not see why their dad can live the way he does and puts things before the kids.

  • Fenrir says:

    I was nil asessed 10months ago as my wife gave birth to our son i only work part time my ex wife was cheating on me so i divorced her ive been paying csa out of my wages each month they have been taking the money still for 10 months even tho i ring everymonth to tell them they are they told me i had arrears and they had been stopped they told me i wouyld get the 10 months of money back now they tell me today i will not?

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