CSA has let my girls down

November 16, 2010

I feel CSA has not provided the support they should have done. I have asked for my case to be reopened from 1994- 2007. If and when I received maintainence no sooner had I got it, it stopped. Correct information was not given to CSA by the ex partner. So much that in 2002 when he brought another house unknown to me he and his wife started their family business in other words they had brought a farm. In 2003 there was a tribunal hearing (nothing was declared about the business or their income). I never received anymore money.

Even now the evidence is there, who ever I get in contact with passes me onto someone else, I feel I am constantly banging my head against the wall. I feel I need some support but they do nothing to help even now. On a good note Inland Revenue is very interested to hear what has happened. When will the CSA stop making errors and admit they have made mistakes.


  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    They will NEVER admit making mistakes. Why? It's not in their interest.

  • Richard Murray says:

    Earth will freeze over before they admit they got anything remotely wrong.

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    If you partner has a business – all he has to do is put it in his wife's name and just be a low-paid employee. If it is a CSA2 case – his wife's income won't be considered when paying you maintenance. As long as she's declaring income and paying tax – the inland revenue won't be interested either.Lot's of NRP's (and PWC) play this game and others and get away with it and the losers are the children of course. Hope things work out.

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