CSA want 6 times more than I can afford to pay

November 18, 2010

Firstly i wasnt allowed to see my daughter at all so my ex could claim the maximum amount from the csa.I have allways paid the correct amount which i worked out from the csa calculator. My job hours vary a lot i.e one week i earn £180 the next £390 then £220 .I have a daughter that lives with me full time so i have to do school runs.

My ex wanted more money so she involved the csa out of spite. Unbenown to me the contacted my work and asked for 5 payslips.. this was the five weeks running up to xmas so i had loads of overtime and a big bonus . Sadly they took this as my average pay and wanted a huge amount of money a week whicj i couldnt afford. Eventually i got this reduced but she wantd more. So off to court i went. I was told by the csa NOT to go.  I did go and was abused and made to look like a criminal by the judge and she has ordered the original payments to start again but with arrears now for a year so now they have put an attachment of earnings on my work for £130 a week.

Ii earn £350 ish my rent and bills are about £330. I may have to go ont the dole.





  • Jim Rigley says:

    They cannot take bonus or overtime money into account on old rules.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    Have u tried complaining to your local MP?

  • Steven Eastwood says:

    if you have overtime on your wage they will take it. i am under the old rules and have to pay £600pcm plus £200pcm in arrears!

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    i wonder how many NRP's are feeling a little Deja vu when reading your storey

  • David Cleveland-Dunn says:

    Lastly keep track of anything and everything you contribute to your child outside of maintenance – this may be useful in using in a dispute.

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    i thought it takes 3 months to do an average and then another 3 months for you to stop doing overtime as it's not guarantied, so if you do it then your payments go up for 3 months which may be a lot of money for you to pay or can afford

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    dont do overtime unless it's guarantied for a year. This f****d me up because i had a DOE and one month i earned 2500 take home cause i done lots and lots of overtime and other people's shifts and it nearly killed me and then it nearly killed me again when they tuck an average including all of the above and said contact them with 3 months wages which i thought "why" as i had a DOE and they have all that info

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    i really hope that David Cameron will be the one who sort's this shit out because if he does than it will go a long way to support his big society

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Basically they can take any income which is taxable..bonus or overtime! 🙁 for heavens sakes..you really think they would want to leave you with any extra money? thieves…

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    ..and yes, that's on old rules!

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    when i said i tuck home 2500 my normal was 1100 and the only reason i was able to do and wanted to do so much overtime was she stopped contact so i had nothing to go home to and then the allegations started after 3 different solicitors never mentioned before, still in court on the 8th of Dec and then hopefully her lies will mean i see my angels at the home i made for them. PS my profile picture was taken at the contact center by one of the helpers, and every time i see them there they are as happy as they look in that picture, it's just a shame that it cant be in there home.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I never ever told my PWC about overtime… I knew it would be a grave mistake from the beginning… I always only informed of my general basic wages…. never the overtime as I worked the overtim to recover the lost payments via DEO's… never tell the PWC your finances and if starting new employment… always work your first 2 months without overtime… send in ya wageslips… get ya assessment then take available overtime….. I did this and I got all my overtime to my own household finances…. Stuff the CSA and stuff the PWC… It's the children who are important…A chauvanistic rule I will always apply here… never tell y a biatch nowt!!!… less they know… the less they can hurt you with it!!!!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Kevin, the story is deja vu to me! Oh well, not to worry, I don't have issues with them now and the way I conduct my affairs will cost them a lot of money in administration with no reward for them! The CSA have cost my son 000's but then so has the PWC….. If the current government actually shrinks the state then I will be happy…. the new Universal Credit seems like a very good idea. If anyone wants to read the white paper then I have put the link on here.

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    Where is the link

  • Lee Hughes says:

    It's the 1.8MB PDF FULL DOCUMENT, it takes a while to read…

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    With regards to the CSA afther reading stuff on deadbeatdad's i opted to never agree to anything from the CSA and never have but i dont know if that was the the correct thing to do.They wrote to me a couple of weeks ago saying in a letter that i hadn't payed what i'd agreed to pay, 1. i have never agreed to pay anything with them. 2. i'm on the dole and it's taken direct from my benefits

  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    cant open it lee

  • Susan Ward says:

    Jim They can i am sorry 2 say, my husband is on the old system, he sent in 6 wage slips and they took the one with the overtime on, saying they had received just that one, 2 days later 6 were returned, it just goes to show what LIARS they are.

  • John says:

    I would go to your M.P. and give him/her a piece of your mind. I would also ask for a full breakdown of the alleged debt and a clerical assessment of your case. Do everything in writing. Do not trust anything that they say or do!.

    They act like an ‘out of control bunch of wheeleclampers’! There is the independent case examiners office….but they are not independent as they are as thick as thieves with the CSA. Ask for an appeal to a tribunal on the basis of financial hardship.

    Write to Cameron and Clegg and Duncan Smith!

  • Richard Murray says:

    Susan i have come to the conclusion that they get kicks out of lying ,, who in the right mind would send the 1 out of 6 wage slips in with the overtime on , it's themselves which look a bunch of stupid cunts by trying to insult your intelligence .i have got a file thicker than the war and peace on there fuck ups !!!!!!

  • Richard Murray says:

    Eastenders, Coronation Steet, Emerdale Farm,No body would watch them if some producer made a soap called CSA Office, and put it on prime time ??

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Kevin, there shouldn't be a problem with opening it but if the problem is that you don't have a pdf reader then go to this link and download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Or each of you do the drive one way. At one point I got that working where we each did the collecting, me b4 the weekend, she after. Then she started being too busy with boyfriend and would forget to pick them up until later. So they stayed another night! GR8!!!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    @David, it was a general statement but the point I had in mind was the shrinking of the state and so the likelyhood of them wanting to cut out the CSAas it is wasting money!

  • chall says:

    Hi Stephen Boyce,

    Was the court case for a Liability Order OR has your case progressed further than this?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    I am actually wondering why they are putting it all back into the hands of the DWP..does this mean benefits will be offset again? I can't really see any other reason why..

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