CSA made up arrears from 17 years ago

November 19, 2010

Yesterday I got home and had a letter from csa saying i owed £7100. I stopped paying in april 2008 and was told case was closed I also received a cheque for overpayment. I called them and was told it is arrears from sometime in 1993 to 1994.

I have thrown almost all correspendence out but still have 2 letters saying case closed and 2 letters regarding 2 seperate cheques for overpayment. In july 2002 my partner my daughter and stepdaughter moved into our present home I gave csa our new details and when they reassesed they told me I did not have to pay anymore 9 months later I received a letter asking why i had stopped paying and how much I owed. They denied the previous letter but I copied it and sent it to them.

Also they accidently during a phone conversation told me we were a family of 3 and did not have details of my stepdaughter which I had gave to them years before. Can they legally do this to me when they haven’t put the correct info into their system when it has been made available to them? could someone please give me some advice thank you.


  • Richard Murray says:

    Ditto pal ,, Nil assessment in 04 case closed 08 and money refunded ,, in court on 9th Dec 2010 liability order ,, Stick it out and one day we will prove what a bunch of useless cunts they are !!!

  • Darren Brown says:

    F@@king too right the tw@ts

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    i was told my arrears go bk to 1994 but i was with my x then til 2ooo they have now scrapped the arrears but i still have to pay £24000 to the state coz we dint inform them we wer together ut we had received no letters who can help

  • Richard Murray says:

    Fight on Chris ,, once these incompetent bastards get there teeth in you , you got to shake fucking hard to get em off , Keep login in and you will get many ideas , bombard them with requests or information and email them everyday asking how they made ther assessments

  • Jim Rigley says:

    Chin up, if we all get together and organised we can bring them down.

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    i shall fight on and they are trying to take for my daughter and she wasn`t even on the claim in 94 coz she was born in 96??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Richard Murray says:

    Organize a march on Stephen Geraghty's house when he's sat having is Christmas dinner !!!! The cunts happy and content about ruining my Xmas dragging me in court on fabricated evidence !

  • Allan Morrell says:

    time to produce birth certificate… and ask them why they are so incompetent with their arithmatic…lolAlso ask for their evidence!!!!!

  • Lee Hughes says:

    Cause them maximum and fight them all the way, our children deserve nothing less!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    CSA are parasites alongside the PWC…..

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    they are like flys they keep bugging you until u squash them and i would like to name and shame CATHY RAYE she is totally stupid and thick and an arrogant bitch brown nosed goverment lick arse has any body else had dealings with her

  • Richard Murray says:

    She sounds alright Chris ,, compared to parasitic twat i deal with !!!

  • John says:

    I am not completely sure, but I believe that they would have difficulty in enforcing arrears from 1993/94.

    Without asking directly, call the Independent Case Examiners office and put a theoretical scenario to them regarding arrears and collection of them. You may find your answer regarding the legality of enforcing arrears there?

    I don’t think that they can apply for a liability order if the arrears occured before 2000.

    Write to DWP and ask them to write the arrears off. The Inland revenue have just written £230 million pounds of arrears off.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    they are all parasites in the CSA

  • Allan Morrell says:

    almost makes you rewrite the song… Born for the CSA!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I av to deal with arrogance and ignorance of Paul sheibler of the Midlands… waterfront!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I'v drawn some of his subordinates to tears so now I have to deal with the team leader….. I'v already caused him to sigh with exhaustion… I suppose that was coz it was a fridayor saturday at hometime….lol… he was anxious to get to the pub I guess….. celebrating his causes of misery to NRP's for the past week…well lets home my efforts gave him an uncomfotable evening..lol

  • Jem Pogue says:

    I find it makes my weekend to phone them just before they go home and verbally abuse whoever answers the phone :)Then when they ask who i am i say sorry i only deal with you child abusers in writing so write to me lmfao

  • Peter Anderson says:

    They cannot touch for arrears before July 2000, under the six year rule. Just write back saying you accept no responsibility whatsoever for any errors they may now say they have made. The case is closed! Tell them not to contact you again or you will take action against them for harassment. Please also see my comments in several other cases over the past couple of weeks,they are all similar. Also write and complain to your MP and demand a meeting. The Csa are doing this to anyone and everyone at the moment!

  • Jem Pogue says:

    They are up for closure next year 🙂 so are out to prove there worth………. DONT LET THEM !

  • Phil Marsh says:

    The 6 year rule? Are you talking about it being statue barred under the Limitations Act 1980? If so all that means is they can not take enforcement action on a statue barred debt but the debt still exists. Also i know that DWP can and do collect on statue barred debts if you are in receipt of any benefits or pensions, this is because they can take direct for source.

  • Vic Smith says:

    CSA debts are not subject to the Status barred act and will survive a bankruptcy order under crown debt regulations. This breaches human rights on cruel and unusual punishments as an unforseen child in the heat of irresponsible youth with with a benefit scrounger can be a life long disaster. Just when you have forgiven yourself these monsters close in to destroy the family you have now and take no account of your current family and their needs. PWC get everything handed to them especially slappers on benefits who have learned how to exploit a working absent parent through the CSA.

  • Phil Marsh says:

    That's what i was thinking, that's why i asked what this 6 year rule is.From what i'v been told, even these pre 2000 can still be collected via DOE but then i'v been known to be wrong lol

  • Christopher Stocker says:

    gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr are the csa that thick .can anybody tel me wot this 6yr rule is?????????????????????/

  • Sarah-Jayne Pattimore says:

    The Limitation Act 1980 sets out the rules on how long a creditor has to take action against you for a debt i.e. take you to court. The time limits are different, depending on the type of debt that you have. However, child support is not covered by the '6 year rule' and also is not covered by bankruptcy. So, if you owe child support from say.. 20 years ago, you are still obliged to pay it.

  • Anna Mordra says:

    @jim.. and replace them with what???

  • Anna Mordra says:

    @jem… how r they child abusers???

  • Anna Mordra says:

    @vic… if uv had that kinda experience from them, ie they r affecting the children in ur home, say to them they have not considered the 'welfare of the children'. they have to consider how their actions of collecting debt affect all the children linked (those in ur home inc step kids and those that aren't) if they don't re-consider to a lower arrears/debt amount then u may wann write a letter of complaint and go down that route. if they still don't budge, go to ur mp.if it the assessment itself, and if ur still within the time alowed to dispute it, then ask for it to b reviewed and to make sure all the figures they hav are right. if the assessment doesn't change they tell u (and make sure they send the letter saying rfusal to revise), thats when u get ur appeal rights. the appea is handls bu a 3rd party that isn't actually part of the csa. (ie jcp and other bodies use them). hope that helps u ok. good luck!!

  • Paul says:

    Looks like I’ll be paying these prats back a debt my Dad apparently owes them from 1994.

    There’s something wrong when the ‘child’ is paying back debt.

    I had a wonderful childhood, my father was always there for me, seems unfair now that at the age of 67 and having worked most of his life they’re going to have a go at nicking his pension now when he has few options to earn any extra money (as most of us do now) But at 67 he shouldn’t have to worry about these prats.
    And he does worry, he’s a good man, old school, good solid grounding, would help anyone, is never rude.

    Unlike me, I’ll give these fuckers a hard time.

  • big daddy says:

    Has this post closed down now? Has any one had ANY success with the CSA re overturning arrears demands and reassessments? Does the 6 YEAR RULE apply?

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