Paying too much to the CSA

November 16, 2010

I’ve been divorced for about 15 years now i got behind on support but working on getting it back up… The worst thing of it is i got out of work for about 3 or 4 years and now I’m back working now been for almost 6 years i been away from my 2 boys almost theyre hole lives never gotten to see them on birthdays never spent not one christmas with them and still i barely get by on whats left of a paycheck i have to pay 500 on rent then utilities and i get paid bi-weekly once they take out for the support i make about 250 to 300 each payday what can i do to get these payments lowered one boy isnt even living at home he is out living with friends and is 19 now and already been to jail and probably has worrents out for him . we got divorced because i didnt want that for my children but from what my oldest says my younger gets all the love at home with theyre mother and he is an outcast.

My ex wife gotten into drugs and drinking alot around them so i got a divorce thinking that would help fix the problem but i guess the state didnt see me fit to raise the boys better than that i now live with a girl i been with for 10 years about and all 4 children of hers i raised r doing fine at least they dont do drugs and dont drink and dont get into trouble i bonded with the 4 children of hers because my ex wife refuses me to see the ones of my own all i need is to get the payments lowered…

how i know i am behind on the payments and im going to pay it all back but how can she pay back all the years i missed of my 2 boys all the christmas all the birthdays all the years i havent even gotten a picture..

how do i get that back form my side of the bench all i get is outstanding payments i cant afford to pay but im willing to pay but with reason amount of money that i can live comfortable as if anyone knows how i can get help with my story let me know im really needing some help with this


  • Kevin Cottrell says:

    Lee i really wish there was a really really like tab cause i'd be pressing it

  • Matt C says:

    I have recently split with my wife and although she wants it to be amicable, I feel that men have no justice what so ever….. I love my daughter more than anything in the world and I know her mother does, but I feel that women (not trying to be sexist) always have the upper hand…. I have given her the house, I WANT to see my daughter more, yet my wife is only agreeing for me to have her 2 nights out of 10, and yet I still have to pay a large amount of child maintenance……. Now I am not asking NOT to pay anything, as my daughter deserves the best, but as previously stated, by the time I pay all my bills, I will be luck to have £30 a week. I have spoken with CSA stating that I cant afford to live on that and when I have my daughter I want to take her out places and spoil her, but how can I do that without money to go places. I dont want her to see me only in the same four walls. I will take her to the park etc, but in the current weather conditions, thats not really gonna happen. It works out that my wife will be having more than me with all the benefits she can claim, yet I have to work stupid amount of hours to get even close to it……… This may sound like a rant, but I feel there should be for out there for the fathers and personal circumstances should come into it…….. If anyone thinks they could offer any help, I would be more than willing to listen. As I said, its NOT that I dont want to pay, but I feel what is being asked is too much

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