Ex uses my CSA payments for new shoes

November 26, 2010

I have read alot of comments on this topic and can relate to most of them.

I am a father that has paid regular maintenance for many years now, in addition to this i provide other financial support as required. The CSA however simply act as a middle man to pass over the cash. I find it insulting when a former partner advertises on social networking sites that HER CSA money has just bought her new shoes or a coat or night out. Of course when you raise these concerns that your childs money is purchasing goods for other people they genuinely do not care. This loving mother has thrown further dirt into the eyes of the justice system by boycotting court on several occasions while i fight for access and EVEN recieved a conviction for FRAUD by lying to DWP about how much she recieved from CSA.

Death to the CSA and there know nothing amateur staff.

Attachment to earnings order, but i still don’t get my money

November 25, 2010

Years ago i asked CSA to help enforce my ex husband to pay for his children,if he can afford a new car each year, he can afford to pay for his kids. An attachment to earnings order was made, CSA recieve his money every month without fail, i have seen the wage slips to prove it. The problem is from them. i dont get my money. they collect it and hold on to it til i repeatedly call them.

4 years ago i had to get ICE involved and various other enforcing agencies, even my local MP to chase CSA. Iwas sent letters of apologies, even compensation for their gross misduct, and now i am here again.

I’ve not had any money from CSA for 4 months now. they have taken it out of my ex husbnads wages, but failed to pass it on to me. It took them 18 months to sort it out last time, after my MP had written to them, and i was assured this would Read more

CSA dishonesty and ineptitude

November 25, 2010

I have a case with the CSA dating back to 2002.

I used to pay my ex-wife £650pcm (proven), she then went to the CSA and was awarded £5.60 per week, she came back to me asking for the £650pcm. I cut that to £300pcm but still gave my daughters extra on the side.

Now after arguing with the CSA and despite the fact they have my bank statements etc… (signed for on Sept 24th 2009 at 08:42am) they have removed monies from my account, leaving me short to pay my rent. Money was withdrawn on Sept 30th, Only today 8th OCT have they informed me of this! At no time was a means test carried out, no written information was sent, by their own recorded admission and I have Read more

My dealings with CSA Falkirk

November 24, 2010

In August 2010, I posted the following Account on CSA Hell…

In 2006 I seperated from my wife. I immediately contacted the CSA and informed them of the fact as I already had an account with them. The CSA did nothing about re looking at my account.

The divorce process started and despite numerous letters being sent to the CSA they did not deal with the changes until i wrote to them informing them that a divorce court judge had said they were of no use at all. By now 18 months had passed. I was re assessed by the CSA and a new amount was set. but they said that i now owed them £3000 in arrears. This i appealed as it was not my fault. I went all the way to a tribunal hearing which resulted in it being thrown out as the CSA had not responded to requestes for information.

As part of my divorce settelment, my ex stated that she would not persue any maintainance from me until the former married home was sold on the provision i paid 50% of the mortgage. This was confirmed in writng by the csa. In nov 2009 the house was sold and i changed the payments to my ex to the amount quoted by the csa.

Today i received a letter from csa stating i owe £10k. for non payment of the arrears and not paying my ex. they also inform me that the letter re 50% of the mortgage may not be enforceable as i may have had a financial interest in the house ( i dont live there). i obviously dispute this. any tips on how to deal with this?

Well today things have deleoped quite considerably, as has the attitude of CSA Falkirk. I wrote to my MP complaining about the above issue, He promptly wrote to stephen Gerathy the Boss of the CSA ( Who is also to be the new Boss of CMEC)Anyway, I heard nothing from my Account manager until i had cause to ring them and ask what the hell was going on. It was then, I was informed that my case was in falkirk. Would you believe it, I received a phone call from falkirk the following day stating that my account was with them as both I and my ex had complained. I said, you will see from my account that i wish everything to be in writing, and not done over the phone.

The New account manager replied “If you wont talk to us, we will just re-assess you and deduct it from your wages, we do all our negotiating by phone“. I went on to say that i had written to them 9 times of which three letters were recorded and the manger replied “We dont answer letters”

The issue of my paying direct maintainence to my ex was mentioned, the manager said, we shouldnt have sent that letter, your ex didnt fully understand what was going on (this is not the case as we were speaking then and agreed in conversation that i would pay 50% of the mortgage instead) The manager said I was our error, but you will still have to pay the arrears ( hang on, what other organisation would do this!!) he then went on to say, I know what your after, and that is for the arrears to be written off, Well that is not going to happen, I can assure you.”

Naturally i asked for that in writing, He assures me he will send it ( yeah rite!) I then asked where my face to face meeting was, as i am in possession of over 5,000 pieces of paper regarding my case, The manager said ” we dont do face to face meetings anymore” He then went on to say that i was to allow four weeks for them to look at the case.

I wish there was a TV company who would make a programme about this. As correuption is an understatement.

Not paying a penny to the CSA until I see my children

November 24, 2010

I split with my wife 5 years ago and met someone else. My ex-wife has refused point blank to let me see my children. No telephone calls, no cards, no nothing, without any reason! I have a son 12 and a daughter 6. I was made redundant in March 2009 and have struggled to find a job. My new partner is brilliant and has backed me 100%.

Since I was made redundant, I have had a monthly call from the CSA looking for maintenance. Until my ex-wife lets me see my children, she won’t get a single penny out of me and will continue the way I am, with very little or no permanent employment.

I’m not allowed to see my children and even if she was getting over £300 per month, like she was previously I was still “not allowed” to see HER children, as she put it. Forget your maintenance love, you won’t see a single penny from me.

We are currently living on my partner’s wage and we intend to stay that way.

CSA Bolton owes me money

November 23, 2010

My case was passed to the CSA in Bolton coming up three years ago December 2007. I was paying direct through my wages for my two sons, but my ex was not paying for my daughter, in September 2009 i stoped paying for my sons as they were over 19, so they had to put in a change of circumstances (still no money received for my daughter).

The case went into quality in Feb 2010 and did not come out until July 2010 it is now in finance where they are working out a payment plan.

I have just been told that they have until january 2011 to complete this part of the job. I feel as though i am banging my head against a brick wall in three years they have got me just three payments. They know where he lives and works as he has worked in the same place for 27 years.


nearly 20 years of hell with the CSA

November 23, 2010

I have been involved with the CSA since my boys were young, nearly 20 years…

I left there dad back in 1992, since then i have had CSA in my life… My ex, didnt want to be a dad, and hasnt paid anything unless you think the odd payment of £10 one month to 5p for a year for 2 growing boys, anyway, as my ex told them he was self emplyed it has been hard to get a penny from him, well, as like some, you seem to lose faith in the csa, and as i have brought my boys up myself

I had a letter last year telling me i was owed nearl 3k, so i thought ok, lets see if we can get some back once an for all.. as i married last year my husband pays regular for his daughter and well, i thought i feel that my ex should pay what he owes… and as my eldest is nearly 20, yes 20yrs old…. he will have children of his own and my ex will still be paying… after countless phone calls… and not sending me any letters to tell me what is or going to happen, a kind lad finally brought my case to a case worker, who is looking into my case… and has told me that it will go to enforcement… now i think is this the waiting game or is something final going to happen…..

CSA are putting children at risk

November 22, 2010

My ex husband was a great father to our son after we split up. We had agreed before we tried for a baby that we would always make sure we stayed friends for our childs sake should we split. This is how things were for the first 3yrs, then my ex met his girlfriend & he gradually stopped seeing him over the space of 2 years.

My ex works in the motor trade where wages comprise of a basic salary & commission. He has worked his way up from salesman to sales manager & has been earning over 50k for many years now. Earlier this year he stopped paying his standing order after realising he could get away with paying less if we went through the CSA! For 2 months I was left with nothing before he told me he had no intention of paying the money & told me to apply to the CSA. To cut a long story (& many phone calls to the CSA) short .. he got away with only having the Read more

Why does the CSA not get back to me?

November 21, 2010

I had a DOE ongoing for many years this stopped without reason in 2003. Numerous calls were made to them and I have received no correspondance from the CSA until today, demanding £8000+ in arrears. On calling them today, they admitted they have not written to me since 10/03 without any explanation. I have not moved or changed employers.

Also they have not been contacted by the PWC in over 7 years.

They are now demanding the full amount or £300.00pcm. Surely the CSA have made an error, as they stopped the deductions and not contacted me in 7 YEARS.


CSA admit a mistake to me, but still chase for money

November 21, 2010

I have had loads of problems with CSA for a child I didn’t know I had – they took a large sum from my wages in Feb 2008 and when queried (after about 6 months through appeals etc) they admitted that they hadn’t contacted me properly and I received £100 for inconvenience.  I had arrears of about 2k which I have been paying and are down to 1K.

I recently asked for a statement and it starts with an opening balance from 11 Dec 2007 of £1716 but it doesn’t say where this figure has come from.

Also, I have noticed that my weekly payments due has been £44 from 2007 until now however in 2007 I earned aroung 18k a year to the £25K I earn now.  Should I request where they got the figure of £1716 from or should I just leave it as my daughter was evidently born in 1999 – I would note I was at university until 2002 then earner around 18k a year until 2007?

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