What are my rights against abusive CSA?

February 6, 2018

I pay direct to my daughters mother her maintainence weekly by standing order but mother is denying I am paying and I have to show bank statements to prove I am paying. CSA are now threatening me with court action, seizure of my belongings and driving license and i feel stressed and intimidated by it. What are my options as I regard this as abusive from both her and them. Do I have any rights ?

CSA taking me to court as I won’t pay out of date calculations to my drug-ridden ex!

February 4, 2018

The csa have recently taken me to court to get a liability order to try to get £2000 out of me.The problem is the csa are useing out of date end of year tax figures and will not change any details ive supplied.I told the csa i have been selfemployed sinc april 2017 and have been told by the hmrc not to fill in a tax return until april this year 2018 as then i would off been self employed 12 months. i now have a baillift notice come through the post. The other reason why i hadnt been paying my ex is she and her new partner are currently going through the court for 1/4 million tax fraud and illegal things they have been upto, and when i heard drugs and not so nice things were going on around my children i refused to hand over money to pay for that shit to go on around my kids. now iam worried as the door is about to be hounded by marstons.

Can ex go to another CSA agency because ours won’t benefit her?

February 3, 2018

My Ex never married, spent 6 years running away and hiding my daughter I spent around 160K in court costs getting access. I was fully engaged with the UK CSA.

After I had attended 3 interviews with the CSA and one with DSS Fraud and CSA joint, they made my maintenance 0. I had given up my job to have shared care (her way of stopping my wage and therefore access to court).

She then moved to Australia, in the FC hearing she swore under oath her and her husband could afford everything and they would pay for a trip back every year. She was 8 at the time.

Then the next year they applied to court to make it every year; once they had that they then approached the Australian CSA; bearing in mind the English CSA had dropped her case as she repeatedly lied.

My question, if I was fully engaged with English CSA and all the court stuck is English. Is there any principle that says you can’t change the CSA? Once you’re engaged with one.

Thanks for any advice.

How much should I be paying my ex?

December 18, 2017

I am writing as a father, i am 22 and im a student in uni training to be a teacher and my ex girlfriend wants £100 a month from i earn from student loans 7,032 per year. The baby hasnt stayed with me as of yet, i only met him for the forst time this week after 3 months due to the conflict what went on. I dont work, i just study and study on placement in schools which is unpaid also. Now i was wondering what i should be giving her per month? If you could help please. Iknow she claims benefits but dont know what they are.

CSA never paid me a penny but ex told daughter he paid hundreds

December 11, 2017

I have asked the CSA for a long time regarding my concerns over the lack of amounts that my daughter’s father was asked to pay.
Taking in to account his financial status.
They claimed that it was so very difficult to work out apparently because he had made it that way.

Well l did end up with about £3 but as my case is archive actually.l am not to clear whether it was weekly or monthly.

I was also never offered the so called bounus of about £10000 at the time.

Although there paper work claimed that would be the case not so.

My daughter is now a mother herself now.
I did try to get to the truth but found myself in a bit of a maze to be honest.

I once spoke to a solicitors about possibly 4/5 years ago .

The reason this has been so difficult is when my children were very young I collapsed while out shopping with them and I suffered a brain hemorrhage .

And the rest is pure hell, as you can imagine.

I still find it very difficult to attend to the many wrongs and no rights that l have experienced because of this,in every aspect of my life since that fateful summer day.
That is why I truly believe I have to ask you to help me with this matter

And I only just found your site last evening.

My daughter was not in contact while she was young but did contact her father when she was older and he was happy to tell her that he apparently paid many hundreds of pounds in mantanice payments,which obviously became as a huge surprise to me.

I would be very grateful if you could help me to get this matter sorted out.

I feel it important to me because we suffered very much because of my long term disability, l didn’t have any financial stability.

And I feel very hurt and deeply shocked if this is the case were apon her father has paid those large amounts were has the money gone to ect ect.

I am unable to continue as l find this typing thing very difficult and takes me an absolute age.
I hope you don’t mind l shall sign of now.
I do hope that gives you some clarify on my situation .

I still can’t believe that I found this site when I need it the most.
Thank goodness.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
There’s some more to tell you soon

My friend has an alleged son and the mother is demanding money with no access to child

November 29, 2017

My friend has an alleged son that the mother has not allowed him to see but now after 6 years she is saying she wants to take him to the CSA. He would love to be a father to his alleged child and would be willing to pay his share towards him but doesn’t that mean he should also have some rights of access to the child? If he has to pay for a paternity test does he also have to pay to take her to court to get access or with a paternity test and CSA involvement would he automatically be allowed regular access? He would love to have an input in his alleged sons life unfortunately after seeing him 2 or 3 times as an infant he has not been allowed access. Not because he’s done anything wrong it’s because she has someone else and feels she’s much better off with my friend out of her life. The fact that she has now decided to get the CSA involved suggest that something has happened and she is now in need of extra money.

I made overpayments for a year and CSA won’t refund me!

November 15, 2017

I’ve recently contacted the csa explaining that my son was working and no longer in full time education and I was still paying csa after two weeks they contacted me and said that he was not eligible for maintenance from August 2016 but I’d paid up to August 2017 when I asked for a refund for the over payment they have refused saying that the decision was made by the director because the third party has been paid. Any help please?

Anyone have any advice on dealing with the CSA?

November 13, 2017

Hi all, im new to this site and also have recently been contacted by the csa and the case worker assigned was aggressive and very unhelpful. From reading the posts i can see why now. They have calculated what i need to pay by contacting the inland revenue for my p60 details, which from what i can see that the amount they are using does not exclude any pension contributions i have made. Does anyone have any advice they can offer when dealing with the csa.

Are CSA at fault for arrears as they didn’t increase payments?

October 29, 2017

I have been paying £317 per month since 2002 via deduction of earnings and have recently been transferred to the cma from csa. Received a letter from csa stating I owe the £5600. Rang them to ask where this figure came from and they stated that a reassessment had been carried out in 2012. I never received any paperwork to inform me of this. Are they at fault as no paperwork received and also they did not increase the deduction of earnings. They state that I have to pay it off over 2 years. Could someone please advise where I stand?

What can I do now my ex won’t help pay for our daughter?

September 21, 2017

Me and my husband are now divorced and he is not giving me any money to help with my daughter up bring I pay for all her clothes ,food ,collage things and run round after her with no help from my ex husband picks up a least 800 a month and is not giving my daughter anything is there any way of getting him to pay her she is 17 but will be 18 in November but is in full time education

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