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Do my payments alter if son is sent to a private school?

I pay child maintenance every month for my soon to be 15 yr old son I haven’t seen for six years. CAFCASS were utterly useless as I have taken my ex to court twice to gain access but they decided they didn’t want to coerce my son to see me. I have moved house to be closer to him in the vain hope I may see him, but she moved nearly fifty miles away to disrupt any attempts to reconnect with my son. After sending letters to gauge how he is doing I finally received a limited response. She informed me that she had opted not to send my son to school after the move citing he was being assessed for autism which i find difficult to believe. Reference the continuation of payments must I still pay if he has been removed from state schooling?

2 thoughts on “Do my payments alter if son is sent to a private school?

  1. This is like Deja-Vu.

    My ex did the same thing, in moving away…but lets start from the beginning.

    CAFCASS are a bunch of idiotic morons, a place where if you can’t get a job in society that they will employ you.

    I’m a (male) victim of domestic violence, where my daughter who was 4 at the time witnessed a lot of the violence and and CAFCASS were aware of this at the time, and were also told that my daughter had been caught in the cross-fire and hit at the same time when my ex tried hitting me and missed – all captured in voice recordings.

    CAFCASS’s answer – “We have asked her about this and she said that she has changed”…so let me get this straight? If you tell them that you’ve changed they will believe you? Morons.

    The whole system needs re-evaluating, but it won’t because everybody is too British and unwilling to fight for what you believe in, instead you will moan about it round a pint – so nothing will happen…

    Until it is re-evaluated, and people with an IQ above 85 are employed by CAFCASS and the CMS, we can all expect a bumpy ride going forward…

    Too many of these morons are given huge amounts of power, and no matter what happens and how good your barrister / solicitor is – they can’t change anything and the courts will listen to these morons and base their judgment on whatever story they decide to conduct.

    Do you have shared parental responsibility – are you on the birth certificate? Not that it seems to matter these days as the courts will only slap the wrists of the mother, but fine the father…

    All these feminists asking for equality? You would get more respect if it was equality not just one sided…Interesting how they are fighting to get things changed to equal measures when it benefits them, but not the other way round

  2. Hi Joseph

    I have advised many on this site already that unfortunately, there is no correlation between seeing your child and the payment of child support. Even where your son has been taken out of state school, you still have to pay. Rightly fully so but that should be linked with having access to your child.

    The system is wrong, evil and very draconian my friend. The issue of child poverty in this country is a smoke screen for robbing you of your assets. They care not about families in this nation. They will screw you for every penny and leave you in abject poverty. That is what this government is creating across this once beautiful nation. Everything central and local government are doing is calculated to stripe us bare in order to make us poor and so control us.

    You have already noticed how social cohesion and families are broken. They make it easy for women (and some men) to become single parents. The state support such behaviour by allowing them to apply to the CSA/CMS and also support them with state funds – your Income Tax. That means when they claim child support, you are paying twice. Once your have paid “your dues”, the the CSA/CMS fictitiously make up figures and say you owe so much in arrears; it’s a lie.

    The only way to beat them is to think outside the box because the Child Support Act is a farce. It is not true law. So we have to think outside the box to get a resolution. It can be done.

    If you need my help just email me at [email protected]


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