Can ex go to another CSA agency because ours won’t benefit her?

February 3, 2018

My Ex never married, spent 6 years running away and hiding my daughter I spent around 160K in court costs getting access. I was fully engaged with the UK CSA.

After I had attended 3 interviews with the CSA and one with DSS Fraud and CSA joint, they made my maintenance 0. I had given up my job to have shared care (her way of stopping my wage and therefore access to court).

She then moved to Australia, in the FC hearing she swore under oath her and her husband could afford everything and they would pay for a trip back every year. She was 8 at the time.

Then the next year they applied to court to make it every year; once they had that they then approached the Australian CSA; bearing in mind the English CSA had dropped her case as she repeatedly lied.

My question, if I was fully engaged with English CSA and all the court stuck is English. Is there any principle that says you can’t change the CSA? Once you’re engaged with one.

Thanks for any advice.


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