CSA taking me to court as I won’t pay out of date calculations to my drug-ridden ex!

February 4, 2018

The csa have recently taken me to court to get a liability order to try to get £2000 out of me.The problem is the csa are useing out of date end of year tax figures and will not change any details ive supplied.I told the csa i have been selfemployed sinc april 2017 and have been told by the hmrc not to fill in a tax return until april this year 2018 as then i would off been self employed 12 months. i now have a baillift notice come through the post. The other reason why i hadnt been paying my ex is she and her new partner are currently going through the court for 1/4 million tax fraud and illegal things they have been upto, and when i heard drugs and not so nice things were going on around my children i refused to hand over money to pay for that shit to go on around my kids. now iam worried as the door is about to be hounded by marstons.


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  1. David on February 5th, 2018 2:11 pm


    If you disagree with the arrears, you must challenge it. Once the CSA has a liability order, it is a means by which enforcement action can be taken against you. They need to prove you owe this money.

    If you are liable for child support, the situation with your ex-partner will not preclude you from paying; you are still liable for child maintenance of your children. A better way to deal with this is to seek contact with your children through mediation and failing that the court. You may also be in a position to seek custody at a later date if things are really bad with your ex-partner.

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