CSA takes mother’s side even though she is the problem

April 14, 2016

I think its a disgrace that the csa always take the mothers side.my ex got pregnant 3 weeks after we met. She kept saying how nice it would be to have a daughter after already having 2 sons from previous marriages.

When our daighter was eventually born she stopped being a wife and turned into a completely different person. She didnt want to know or even be in the same room with me.i contacted marriage guideance to try and resolve our problem but each time she just sat there and said nothing. I gave up after a while and left due to her unreasonable behaviour. I couldnt take any more.she lied to the court to get a divorce but the court decided she had no grounds so i divorced her.

i started to see my daughter for a while but my ex decided to move away with her new partner and denied me access. I haven’t seen my daughter for 13yrs.my eldest daughter from a previous marriage contacted her and eventually met. My ex refuses me to see her until she’s 18.

Now i have csa on my back forcing me to make payments that i possibly cannot make.i am drastically just keeping my head above water by paying off existing debts with my new family.after all this time not wanting to know me why am i being persecuted. The system sucks.

I can’t afford my CSA payments and abusive ex won’t let me see my son

April 13, 2016

My ex who I left after 24 years of mental,physical  abuse blackmailed our son to live with him.My son said he didn’t want his dad to kill himself as he had threatened to do ..I then was contacted by the CSA who I didn’t have a problem with in the beginning but through them taking 300 a month I was left with nothing.I fell behind with rent,bills etc and eventually  it led to a breakdown.

Bailifs removed my goods I had nothing so I left .8 months later I felt kind of myself again as there wasn’t any threats to rape and kill me from my ex …The CSA took 43 a week when  Istarted work .Was coming home with 150 after tax n.i and csa taking there money as I was on min wage ..I then lost my job was out of work for 3 week had not a penny nor a home..

I found another min wage job and the csa are taking 86 a week of me leaving me with 119 to live and pay rent.I have called them and got snotty rude csa workers who won’t listen and I know my son left school at 16 to work.The csa told me his dad told them he is in further education.

My ex is a liar who beat me within inches of my life quite a few  times he also works for himself and can earn 1,700 a week quite easy..I feel like ending it all.My ex has told my son he is in no way to have any contact with me or else.What can I do I don’t mind paying but 86 too much for me and I don’t want to get in arrears …Can anyone help me as I’m desperate.

Bipolar ex is ensuring life is hard for me and the system doesn’t care!

April 12, 2016

I ahve been in volatile relationship which my ex partner uses her bipolar diagnoses to excuse her behaviour of phoning every work place ive been employed making false allegation anonymously because i work with vulnerable clients and laughs about it ect this was while i was trying to make it work,

since break up staying sofa surfing family friends i aquired a rented property so i could have my children stay three to four nights a week this wa by her request or i couldnt have access to my children unless i moved back in with her.i am on minimum wage and was barely surviving but wasnot concerned as i could have my children regulary so was worth the financial hard ship,
imagine my suprise being contacted by cms to say they have been informed by my ex that she has made a claim against me stating i dont have them ever i dont visit ect demanding £67 a week out ny £190 wages unable to eat one paid rent ,council tax ,electricity or gas firstly taking money on tax records from a previous job a year and half ago stating it doesnt matter about my circumstances or accommodation ect and workout payment on income before taxes thats it.

i tried reason with ex partner especially about lies that i have no contact or shared care,she laughed thought was funny considering she will change her mind in few weeks and blame her condition once again she sent police to my door saying threateninh her life believe me messages had got heated due to her saying if i went to court for visitation rites she would say i was a child abuser and never have access or work in chosen career with accusation made of that nature police not interested in slander or hundreds of text i recieve trying to bait a response

what do i do if try and keep accomodation knowing she will change mind in few weeks and blame her condition i will probably lose accommodation because of arrears if give up accommodation my local authority has no duty of care to rehouse me if go back to sofa surf around family or friends she will not let kids stay with me when she changes her mind again. i have no issues in supporting my kids but at what cost lose house lose job lose all self respect and give her amunition to poision my kids your father has nothing no job no house ect .wheres fairness in the system.

Ex-husband has taken everything and doesn’t pay much for our children

April 11, 2016

I’ve been separated from my husband of 31 years for 2 years, we have 3 sons the youngest is almost 16 ( the elder 2 are 23 & 21, both live with me too & not financially able to pay me any keep at the moment) my husband took all our savings & bought a property outright, leaving me the family home which still has a mortgage outstanding, he also borrowed additional money against it too & it is an interest only mortgage, so I will be forced to sell it at the end of the term. He closed our joint account recently so I have the mortgage & every other bill going through my account & he has now decided that he will only pay £30 per week. I work 32 hours a week in retail, he is a retired firefighter on a good pension doing cash in hand work regularly, with no mortgage or rent. I don’t feel I’m been treated fairly what do you think?

PWC should provide receipts to show what they spend the money on

April 8, 2016

I have been separated from my ex partner for just over 4 years now we have 3 boys together and I pay child maintenance every week deducted directly from my wage as she will not allow me to pay her directly for some unknown reason. In the 4 years we have been separated I am yet to see one thing that my child maintenance has bought my children.

My 3 boys come to stay with me and my wife every other weekend(court ruling that I was only entitled to contact every fortnight) and every time they come they are dressed in Read more

Partner is paying abusive ex even though child may not be his

April 7, 2016

Me and my partner have been together a good few months now. He told me when we first got together that he has an ex partner who is claiming that my partner is the father of her child. My partner claims that she had been cheating on her throught the relationship that they had together. My partner agreed to pay £127 a month for the child maintenence, but before that was paying £150 a month to her. We cannot afford to do a DNA test to see if the child is my partners or not, but he doesnt want to be paying for a child he doesnt think is his.

Also, his partner has been in contact with myself, and our friends, sending abusive messages, name calling, being abusive about my partner over the messages.

The whole thing is driving me crazy, and leading me to deeper depression and anxiety. Im unsure of what i can do in the matter as i have blocked her off of everything (facebook, Text…). I still have the messages from her, and im just wondering what i can do.

I’ve not received a payment since 1999 and CSA still won’t act!

April 6, 2016

I put in a claim when my son was 6 weeks old..(1995) hes now almost 21 and im still waiting !!!

Other than a period of 6 months in 1999 there has been no payments what so ever even though my ex has always worked full time…

they put an AOE on him in 1999 hence the 6 ish payments he then left the job and They dropped the AOE ??? they have since spent the last 15 years doing nothing… at one point it went to the bayliffs… they knocked on his door he wasnt home and they never went again.

To add insult to injury because my son is almost 21 the case has now been closed with arrears of £14,262.33… so i was finally hopeful that something would be done… I WAS WRONG

Ive now been informed that they cant start recovery until 10th June 2016 ????

My argument is I have always worked and as a single mother that money would have made our lives so much easier… but i still believe if i had been sitting on my backside claiming benefits so all the money would have gone to the government they would have gotten that money.

i want to take this further so any advise would be gratefully received.

CSA is a scam! Why do they get away with it?

April 5, 2016

Csa is a scam arrears rip off from know where £1800 on day then £3800 the next I’ve been threatened and bullied over the phone I complained but never heard a thing,I asked for a breakdown no reply I asked for everything in writing guess what no reply this is happening and they get away with it I pay for my children and provide. Certisticley this is on a big scale why do the csa get away with this scam?

When do I stop paying CSA for my son?

April 4, 2016

My son is now eighteen years old, and I am saving money to pay for his accommodation for his university course in September. His full time general education finishes at the end of June 2016.

Can you tell me when I will no longer be required to make maintenance payments please as I need to be able to save as much as possible.

CSA finally acknowledged their mistake!

April 1, 2016

Seems like advice from this site is paying off.

So, following on from the CSA calculating that I was somehow 300+ in arrears for a case just opened in February…today on the telephone they have acknowledged this was a mistake.

I asked them for this in writing and to send me a new calculation and was told its ‘with my caseworker’.

Its amazing though, when you call them, every single time, its a different person with a different answer.  I suspect this could be a load of bollocks what the person I spoke to said today.  I’ll confirm this when I get it in writing.

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