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Partner is paying abusive ex even though child may not be his

Me and my partner have been together a good few months now. He told me when we first got together that he has an ex partner who is claiming that my partner is the father of her child. My partner claims that she had been cheating on her throught the relationship that they had together. My partner agreed to pay £127 a month for the child maintenence, but before that was paying £150 a month to her. We cannot afford to do a DNA test to see if the child is my partners or not, but he doesnt want to be paying for a child he doesnt think is his.

Also, his partner has been in contact with myself, and our friends, sending abusive messages, name calling, being abusive about my partner over the messages.

The whole thing is driving me crazy, and leading me to deeper depression and anxiety. Im unsure of what i can do in the matter as i have blocked her off of everything (facebook, Text…). I still have the messages from her, and im just wondering what i can do.

2 thoughts on “Partner is paying abusive ex even though child may not be his

  1. You cannot afford not to have the DNA test. Get the money any way you can and get the test done now. It’ll prove a lot cheaper in the long term if he is not the father.

  2. We want to do the DNA test, but the problem is with that is once we’ve done the DNA test and the results come back positive, my partner will have to pay out more for the child for causing problems, and will have to back pay his ex partner.

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