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CSA is a scam! Why do they get away with it?

Csa is a scam arrears rip off from know where £1800 on day then £3800 the next I’ve been threatened and bullied over the phone I complained but never heard a thing,I asked for a breakdown no reply I asked for everything in writing guess what no reply this is happening and they get away with it I pay for my children and provide. Certisticley this is on a big scale why do the csa get away with this scam?

2 thoughts on “CSA is a scam! Why do they get away with it?

  1. Hello. To answer your question.

    Because when you and I were sleeping, parliment passed laws.

    The good news is laws can be repealed or changed.

    Write to your MP.

    I am happy to sign any petitions. Are you?

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