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CSA finally acknowledged their mistake!

Seems like advice from this site is paying off.

So, following on from the CSA calculating that I was somehow 300+ in arrears for a case just opened in February…today on the telephone they have acknowledged this was a mistake.

I asked them for this in writing and to send me a new calculation and was told its ‘with my caseworker’.

Its amazing though, when you call them, every single time, its a different person with a different answer.  I suspect this could be a load of bollocks what the person I spoke to said today.  I’ll confirm this when I get it in writing.

3 thoughts on “CSA finally acknowledged their mistake!

  1. Yep…April Fool.

    I arrived home yesterday to a letter saying they want my financial history for the last 5 years.

    Which seems futile given that I quit work in February.

  2. The saga continues….I called for an update today, seems my case has been ‘escalated’ and I will receive a decision in 40 days, counting from 30th March.

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