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Ex-husband has taken everything and doesn’t pay much for our children

I’ve been separated from my husband of 31 years for 2 years, we have 3 sons the youngest is almost 16 ( the elder 2 are 23 & 21, both live with me too & not financially able to pay me any keep at the moment) my husband took all our savings & bought a property outright, leaving me the family home which still has a mortgage outstanding, he also borrowed additional money against it too & it is an interest only mortgage, so I will be forced to sell it at the end of the term. He closed our joint account recently so I have the mortgage & every other bill going through my account & he has now decided that he will only pay £30 per week. I work 32 hours a week in retail, he is a retired firefighter on a good pension doing cash in hand work regularly, with no mortgage or rent. I don’t feel I’m been treated fairly what do you think?

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