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CSA takes mother’s side even though she is the problem

I think its a disgrace that the csa always take the mothers ex got pregnant 3 weeks after we met. She kept saying how nice it would be to have a daughter after already having 2 sons from previous marriages.

When our daighter was eventually born she stopped being a wife and turned into a completely different person. She didnt want to know or even be in the same room with me.i contacted marriage guideance to try and resolve our problem but each time she just sat there and said nothing. I gave up after a while and left due to her unreasonable behaviour. I couldnt take any more.she lied to the court to get a divorce but the court decided she had no grounds so i divorced her.

i started to see my daughter for a while but my ex decided to move away with her new partner and denied me access. I haven’t seen my daughter for eldest daughter from a previous marriage contacted her and eventually met. My ex refuses me to see her until she’s 18.

Now i have csa on my back forcing me to make payments that i possibly cannot make.i am drastically just keeping my head above water by paying off existing debts with my new family.after all this time not wanting to know me why am i being persecuted. The system sucks.

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