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I can’t afford my CSA payments and abusive ex won’t let me see my son

My ex who I left after 24 years of mental,physical  abuse blackmailed our son to live with him.My son said he didn’t want his dad to kill himself as he had threatened to do ..I then was contacted by the CSA who I didn’t have a problem with in the beginning but through them taking 300 a month I was left with nothing.I fell behind with rent,bills etc and eventually  it led to a breakdown.

Bailifs removed my goods I had nothing so I left .8 months later I felt kind of myself again as there wasn’t any threats to rape and kill me from my ex …The CSA took 43 a week when  Istarted work .Was coming home with 150 after tax n.i and csa taking there money as I was on min wage ..I then lost my job was out of work for 3 week had not a penny nor a home..

I found another min wage job and the csa are taking 86 a week of me leaving me with 119 to live and pay rent.I have called them and got snotty rude csa workers who won’t listen and I know my son left school at 16 to work.The csa told me his dad told them he is in further education.

My ex is a liar who beat me within inches of my life quite a few  times he also works for himself and can earn 1,700 a week quite easy..I feel like ending it all.My ex has told my son he is in no way to have any contact with me or else.What can I do I don’t mind paying but 86 too much for me and I don’t want to get in arrears …Can anyone help me as I’m desperate.

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  1. write a letter/email to your MP asking for help and explain that you can not afford what they are asking. They can help

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