CSA are forcing me into poverty!

October 21, 2015

I have 3 kids, 2 spend half the week living with me the other 1 lives a good 2.5 hour drive away and she only stays every other month or so (she is 15). I pay CSA for the older one and have a good relationship with her. Recently I changed job and forgot to notify the CSA. Some arrears built up over a period of time and I have a bit of arrears for another period before that. One day my boss (only a month after I started) said the CSA had applied for a Deduction from my earnings, fair enough i thought, I’m willing to pay what i owe and my fair share.

Then my boss told me how much they were taking…£350 of my meager £1,100 wage. I rang them and asked if something could be done to reduce the amount as i simply cannot afford that rate, I have a disposable income of less than £150 a month after all bills and expenses and that’s with a moderate budget for food.

The CSA told me that my case was being handed to a new case worker and could not be reviewed or changed until that happened and that would be around 6 weeks as far as a time frame goes.

So the £350 went out and a load of my other bills at the same time and I ended up having to pay my landlord half rent £250. I have rang CSA up this month trying to sort it before the next one goes out as i will owe my Landlord £750 and am in a serious situation now which could go very, very wrong for me if they take that much again. All they said was they can change nothing until the new case worker is in place and that would be withing the six week time frame.

There is now a very strong chance the £350 will go out again, I will have to pay my landlord £750 which will leave nothing for food or other bills! Or I can pay for food and bills and get into huge debt and rent arrears with him.

I am actually sat here contemplating quitting my job as I have no way to pay my bills as with their deductions from my earnings I am now living at a £236 shortfall – its a huge problem and stress and xmas is on the horizon.

Literally don’t know what to do, I work hard all week 40 hours, my kids spend loads of time with me but because I have some arrears with the older one and she doesn’t stay that often I am told I have to pay £350 per month.

At no point is this means tested or checked as affordable. Why couldn’t someone just go through my finances with me, I can send bank statements which prove everything along with wage slips.

I have been put in a desperate situation and the only way to get out of it is to not work or magically start earning a shed load more money…wish I could!

The last thing I want to do is stop working. i want to pay it at an affordable rate, the whole situation is disgusting and is forcing me into poverty and debt. I cant believe this is even allowed.

Don’t know what to do, I’m sick with worry about it.

Where is the justice in the CSA?

October 20, 2015

My partner works offshore in the oil industry so spends a month at home and a month away. He has 2 kids aged 11 and 8 with his ex, who has never worked and therefore claims income support, full housing and council tax benefits. She also receives child benefit, child tax credit for each child aswell as free school meals and school clothing grants.

My partner was paying her £440 per month child support as we would have the kids most of the month he was home. This was never a problem until the ex was made aware that the CMA would take his GROSS earnings straight from the inland revenue!! Now she has stopped all access and is claiming full child support which they have calculated at being £800 a mnth based on a salary last yr of £65k but considering 40% of that goes straight to the taxman it is merely money that is earned but never seen so to speak!!!

With that in mind, I also have a daughter aged 11 who lives with us. I work part time earning £120 for 16 hrs and as a single mum I too received child tax credit, working tax credit, a 50% reduction on my rent and council tax, free school meals and clothing allowance, however when my partner moved in all these benefits were stopped due to his earnings so now I only earn £120 wages with the downfall being made up by my partner!!! So with 2 adults and a child to support we are now struggling to live while he is home on basic wages yet she has an income of nearly £1500 per month tax free with nothing to pay for sitting on her arse all day!!!! Where is the justice?????

CSA is a joke and causes psychological stress

October 19, 2015

3 years of trying to get CSA to fairly assess my claim ended up in HMCTS for review this November but CSA trying to close vase due to them suggesting I no longer as birth mother am primary carer. Family Court mistakes awarded lions share if child contact with ex (abusive) partner but they are failing to acknowledge the new law of shared care. System is a joke and psychological abuse to me as birth mother.

Do I still need to pay CSA when my son turns 18?

October 18, 2015

Im paying £354 a month.my boy is 17.and my girl is 13.my boy has recently started college,do I still have too pay when he turns 18?.as he is at college? what would stop him staying at college till hes forty its a crazy rule if its true.i take home after csa roughly £900 a month, i pay £300 rent.£20 electric.£20 phone.£25 internet.£45 bike insurance.i try too keep my food down too £20 a week.i also have petrol too pay £20 a week.plus clothes which I rarely buy.do you think I pay too much £354 a month?.please help.thankls.

Ex stopped paying maintenance. What can I do?

October 17, 2015

My Ex paid me £150 in maintenance until a couple of years ago until he said he couldn’t pay it anymore due to benefits changes and I agreed without argument to reduce it to £75 a month, in June this year he stopped paying all together, he hasn’t worked since we have been together and our daughter is now 8.

When we were together he paid off a loan that I owed so we could live without struggling from his pay out from the RAF (medically retired, arthritis) we were together for another few years, at the point we split up we had joint debts of approx. £34k, I have since paid my half off via another loan and he was left with 1 loan to pay.

He stopped my maintenance stating that it was because he wasn’t going to see the money he gave me to pay off the earlier loan, he has now stopped paying the joint loan with the same excuse, I am now affectively going to be out of pocket by £135, the £75 maintenance and £60 loan payment, I cannot afford.

I work full time for approx. £20k pa and live alone with our daughter.

Since he stopped paying he has I have found out he has another baby on the way, and he has recently got married (I knew about the wedding before he stopped paying) He has a son from a previous relationship and his new wife has two children from another relationship she also does not work.

I don’t think I will be entitled to anything from him as he doesn’t work and relies on his pensions and benefits but I have to try as I feel he has left me no other choice.

CSA are so poor it’s stressful!

October 16, 2015

As all I have two children by different mothers. Son and daughter Always paid Csa. But always get letters saying it’s changing or it’s not enough or in arrears I have never been in arrears.count less calls talking different people.explaining over and over again the same.details then getting letters saying it remains same. Now I have had to change to csm they say I got pay more ? .second to this they got me earning 56grand year . Lmao not a chance I asked them justify where info came they said tax office this csm Csa are run so crap it’s stressful I have no where to go to complain to or take action what’s best thing do at the enemy stress level ?

I try to support my children equally, but CSA isn’t helping

October 15, 2015

I am the nrp. I have 3 children from 2 relationships. I have been getting letters from csa telling me I need to be assessed, I have to date ignored all letters received, the reason for this is I pay voluntarily, I used to do 25% of my net pay divided by all 3, though I now usually work it out using the child maintenance calculator. The pwc of 2 of my children has always been happy with this arrangement. However I guess the other pwc is claiming I haven’t been paying, as I have always paid it into an account in my daughters name, the ref is child maintenance. A solicitor told me I shouldn’t do it years ago but hey, I carried on.

Years ago I spoke to the csa and explained I had 3 children so was easier to work out myself, I was informed they can only assess me on the child being claimed for and both pwc would have to get together and make a joint claim, obviously that will never happen. I accept full responsibility for my children, and like the majority of nrps am happy to support them financially, however my eldest (17yrs)was dealt with under the original csa assessment which means I get raped for one meaning the other 2 will lose out, I can only earn so much money, and being self employed I often have periods without work, so I guess the question is, do I get back to the csa, having dealt with the heartless Nazis in the past I am reluctant to do so, I will carry on paying as I do, I can hold my head up high on that one, and use the child maintenance calculator, which fairly benefits all my children. Due to the nature of my work, where I never earn a set income, its much easier for me to calculate on a weekly basis, any thoughts on this will be appreciated.

Will the CSA action my closed case?

October 14, 2015

I have been paying Csa for years. Last week I asked them to do a check to see if my son was in education still. Seemed he left in August 2014 so I have over paid by 13 months.

The case is now closed and is with the specialist team apparently.

I have been reading a lot about the Csa and hand on heart didn’t know I had to tell them when I moved jobs or had a pay rise. Several of which have happened.

Will that mean now the case is with this specialist team that it will be me owing money. Will they know. Seriously didn’t know about telling them about this. Really worried I’m going to owe thousands.

CSA issued a DEO without consulting me

October 13, 2015

My story starts by having a deo issued on me without warning, I have been working abroad on and off for almost 15 years, but gave it up to settle down back in the uk. I had a DEO served on me without warning, the CSA have said they wrote to me advising me of unpaid CSA payments, which I never received, they even served me with a court summons in 2013 when I wasn’t even in the country.

I am now paying £357.11 a month which include arrears, of which I owe £26590, apparently. I cannot carry on making these payments and afford to live and work, I have tried to reason with the CSA and appeal to their better nature only to be told that it’s impossible to reduce the DEO now that it’s in force. The child which I was told was not mine is now 23 years of age but they are still taking this money and will be for the next 5 years. The CSA have said that because I’d paid money in the past which I was not aware of, it was up to me to get the nessesary DNA tests done at my expense, which is totally out of the question, due to them leaving me with a minus in the bank every month.

Can you contest the amount CSA makes you pay?

October 12, 2015

My wife and I separated in march and after refusing to let me pau an affordable amount she decided on the CSA route. They asked for 76 pounds a week which I couldn’t afford explaining to them that my unemployed wife has 2 children while I had 1 with me and had to keep a roof over both out heads and only earn 300 a week. After fighting as long as I could I now have an attachment of earnings order for 96 a week including arrears. We will now lose our privately rented home as unaffordable and have no idea where to go or what to do. Is there a way of contesting this amount so we can afford to live?

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