CSA are so poor it’s stressful!

October 16, 2015

As all I have two children by different mothers. Son and daughter Always paid Csa. But always get letters saying it’s changing or it’s not enough or in arrears I have never been in arrears.count less calls talking different people.explaining over and over again the same.details then getting letters saying it remains same. Now I have had to change to csm they say I got pay more ? .second to this they got me earning 56grand year . Lmao not a chance I asked them justify where info came they said tax office this csm Csa are run so crap it’s stressful I have no where to go to complain to or take action what’s best thing do at the enemy stress level ?


  • FourVees says:

    Dear George Freeman you are my MP
    The CSA laughed at me when they admitted stealing £2500 from my wages and I asked for it to be returned.
    It took me 14 years to get the CSA to accept that I had paid my dues and then when ICE agreed on the maladministration the CSA started stealing money from me .
    The CSA laughed at me and told me that my MP could do nothing about the theft and since 2008 they have been proved right.

    George Freeman why do you support this theft ?


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