CSA are forcing me into poverty!

October 21, 2015

I have 3 kids, 2 spend half the week living with me the other 1 lives a good 2.5 hour drive away and she only stays every other month or so (she is 15). I pay CSA for the older one and have a good relationship with her. Recently I changed job and forgot to notify the CSA. Some arrears built up over a period of time and I have a bit of arrears for another period before that. One day my boss (only a month after I started) said the CSA had applied for a Deduction from my earnings, fair enough i thought, I’m willing to pay what i owe and my fair share.

Then my boss told me how much they were taking…£350 of my meager £1,100 wage. I rang them and asked if something could be done to reduce the amount as i simply cannot afford that rate, I have a disposable income of less than £150 a month after all bills and expenses and that’s with a moderate budget for food.

The CSA told me that my case was being handed to a new case worker and could not be reviewed or changed until that happened and that would be around 6 weeks as far as a time frame goes.

So the £350 went out and a load of my other bills at the same time and I ended up having to pay my landlord half rent £250. I have rang CSA up this month trying to sort it before the next one goes out as i will owe my Landlord £750 and am in a serious situation now which could go very, very wrong for me if they take that much again. All they said was they can change nothing until the new case worker is in place and that would be withing the six week time frame.

There is now a very strong chance the £350 will go out again, I will have to pay my landlord £750 which will leave nothing for food or other bills! Or I can pay for food and bills and get into huge debt and rent arrears with him.

I am actually sat here contemplating quitting my job as I have no way to pay my bills as with their deductions from my earnings I am now living at a £236 shortfall – its a huge problem and stress and xmas is on the horizon.

Literally don’t know what to do, I work hard all week 40 hours, my kids spend loads of time with me but because I have some arrears with the older one and she doesn’t stay that often I am told I have to pay £350 per month.

At no point is this means tested or checked as affordable. Why couldn’t someone just go through my finances with me, I can send bank statements which prove everything along with wage slips.

I have been put in a desperate situation and the only way to get out of it is to not work or magically start earning a shed load more money…wish I could!

The last thing I want to do is stop working. i want to pay it at an affordable rate, the whole situation is disgusting and is forcing me into poverty and debt. I cant believe this is even allowed.

Don’t know what to do, I’m sick with worry about it.


  • David Bourne says:

    CSa ?
    How is this practice legal
    Steal money I don’t have unable to pay my debts an bills
    The be-lit tiling tones of you should not have had kids if you cannot afford them ,manage my finances better a bit hard when 30%of my wages going to my ex abusive parent the mother of our children
    I’ve tried every avenue with them review mantiory reconsideration they added that on top
    My payment have increased from £84 to £378 as a deduction of earning
    Even though I’d set up a family based arrangement through the csa because she took the money then refused I could not pay my bills so I’m sitting in the dark no heating an no food in the cupboards
    So that my ex can have beer money aswel as wages an housing benefit
    I took her to court four times over my kids
    But I was laughed at in court when I said to the judge I cannot afford to live with child support arrears she piped up he’s in arrears he waved it and moved on
    What a joke if the family court cannot provide a justice to this injustice then how will it be a fairer system
    The new benefit system will take child support as a wage an deduct from her benefits but when
    I’d prob be homeless jobless by then
    the depth of this action should be illegale
    But it’s not set up by Goverment to attack poor low wage fathers struggling to live
    If she wasn’t such a toe rag over access I would have given money
    Being poor sucks 2 years of crap of them is taking its toll on me because I won’t answer their phone calls I’m now my case has closed
    My question is if I set up a arrangement through them by them csa but she refused
    Then this is a breach of contract consumer rights
    So the money I’ve paid has been wrongly taken
    Tribunal next see what happens I’m not holding my breath

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