I try to support my children equally, but CSA isn’t helping

October 15, 2015

I am the nrp. I have 3 children from 2 relationships. I have been getting letters from csa telling me I need to be assessed, I have to date ignored all letters received, the reason for this is I pay voluntarily, I used to do 25% of my net pay divided by all 3, though I now usually work it out using the child maintenance calculator. The pwc of 2 of my children has always been happy with this arrangement. However I guess the other pwc is claiming I haven’t been paying, as I have always paid it into an account in my daughters name, the ref is child maintenance. A solicitor told me I shouldn’t do it years ago but hey, I carried on.

Years ago I spoke to the csa and explained I had 3 children so was easier to work out myself, I was informed they can only assess me on the child being claimed for and both pwc would have to get together and make a joint claim, obviously that will never happen. I accept full responsibility for my children, and like the majority of nrps am happy to support them financially, however my eldest (17yrs)was dealt with under the original csa assessment which means I get raped for one meaning the other 2 will lose out, I can only earn so much money, and being self employed I often have periods without work, so I guess the question is, do I get back to the csa, having dealt with the heartless Nazis in the past I am reluctant to do so, I will carry on paying as I do, I can hold my head up high on that one, and use the child maintenance calculator, which fairly benefits all my children. Due to the nature of my work, where I never earn a set income, its much easier for me to calculate on a weekly basis, any thoughts on this will be appreciated.