Ex stopped paying maintenance. What can I do?

October 17, 2015

My Ex paid me £150 in maintenance until a couple of years ago until he said he couldn’t pay it anymore due to benefits changes and I agreed without argument to reduce it to £75 a month, in June this year he stopped paying all together, he hasn’t worked since we have been together and our daughter is now 8.

When we were together he paid off a loan that I owed so we could live without struggling from his pay out from the RAF (medically retired, arthritis) we were together for another few years, at the point we split up we had joint debts of approx. £34k, I have since paid my half off via another loan and he was left with 1 loan to pay.

He stopped my maintenance stating that it was because he wasn’t going to see the money he gave me to pay off the earlier loan, he has now stopped paying the joint loan with the same excuse, I am now affectively going to be out of pocket by £135, the £75 maintenance and £60 loan payment, I cannot afford.

I work full time for approx. £20k pa and live alone with our daughter.

Since he stopped paying he has I have found out he has another baby on the way, and he has recently got married (I knew about the wedding before he stopped paying) He has a son from a previous relationship and his new wife has two children from another relationship she also does not work.

I don’t think I will be entitled to anything from him as he doesn’t work and relies on his pensions and benefits but I have to try as I feel he has left me no other choice.


  • Jo says:

    If he’s on benefits, maximum you’ll get is 6.00 a week but this could also be reduced due to other dependents living in his household.

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