CSA are demanding I pay well-off ex-wife

October 11, 2015

So Exwife inherits my grandmothers fortune thus financially securing 2 kids futures , I gave her the house in Oxford wealth in the region of £800k but still persists with CSA ( CMS ) it’s not a service it’s a collection service causing more misery that is morally right !! My earnings last year £8,870 I have rent to pay and a 5 year as this case has gone on for nearly a decade !!

They are asking me to set up a direct weekly or monthly to my Ex Wife ? Really is this not a case for my civil rights ! £25.50 weekly they are asking for !! I’d love to see a judge tap into my ex wife’s account and say stop being such a greedy individual and leave this man alone. Another statistic for the government cash collecting service.. I’d happily pay that money to a family that actually need it and not my Exwife who clearly doesn’t.

Who regulates the CSA? They make up their own rules!

October 10, 2015

Contacting you on behalf of my boyfriend who is being hounded by the csa, or child maintenance service as they now call themselves. He split from his ex wife in or around 2001-2002, she told him she wanted him to have nothing to do with their twins (including any form of child maintenance), as her new man was to support them & bring them up like his own.

My boyfriend reluctantly agreed as he did not wish to jeopardise contact with his 2 sons. Some 13 years later the ex wife decides that she wants child maintenance & goes through csa. Boyfriend ignores it all for some time due to circumstances, building up arrears. Ultimately csa do a deo which runs for a few months at a time. Arrears have now risen due to their incompetence & they’re expecting him to pay 40% of his wages!!

He was made bankrupt in July 2015 & has a low income & can barely survive thanks to the csa arrears. We are currently trying to get them to let him pay a reduced amount on the arrears. Ideally we would like the arrears deferred for a couple of years & only pay the child maintenance due as this would just about be manageable. They don’t appear to be regulated by anyone & make up their own rules! Can we take this back to the Magistrates Court & appeal the amount of the deo?

Thank you in advance for any help you can suggest or offer. Boyfriend currently feeling suicidal due to this as it was bad enough for him to do the bankruptcy.

Child is working, but payments haven’t stopped. Is this right?

October 9, 2015

I was wondering what help there is for a seperated dead beat dad that is being hammered by cms i have been on 40% DEO from march 2015 to july 2015. For arrears in 2012 that i made contact with csa then the mother refused to contact csa regarding the money she was due.they closed down the case after 6wks of trying to contact her. Then she put in for both years in 2014 refused me the option to pay direct .since july i have been paying standard 15% rate but in September 2015 im being put on 40% again starting 19th November! !!!

For arrears? But is has come to my attention that the daughter is now working has been since at least from August 2014 .so the arrears and the standard 15% payments should of stopped yet when this was queried whwith cms they buluntly arrogantly told me as long as she was claiming child benefits thats all legally they had to do And were willingly going to do ? Yet im periodically checked at the HMRC to see what im earning why is this ? Also if she is working im being fraudulently robbed as is my new partner and her child also i have had to put our wedding back as i am now crippled financially due to these fraudulent practices of the government while the daughter has been working for the full length of this present claim at least 12 mths. ive trawled the Internet for help but its like trying to find a needle in the deepest darkest depths of space .other than seeking out a robbing spinless solicitor thats just money orientated So am i being treated fairly or is this treatment just ?

How can CSA demand so much?

October 8, 2015

My partner is paying his ex £306.00 a month for his 10 year old son.. thi is a payment suggested by the csa after his ex contacted them wanting more than the £250 a month private arrangement they had..he due to have a review in dec 2015 but hes recently been given a bonus payout to stay in the navy for another 5 years, this bonus was supertaxed at 40% but csa say they will not take that into consideration and will be reviewing his income before tax …that means she will be entitled to inexcess of £550 a month for one son !!!

CSA making partner pay because stepson doesn’t want to work

October 7, 2015

Stepson left school left his mums and lived with his dad for 18 months and went to college went back to his mums for a year did scrap metal worked on fairgrounds then at 18 decided to go back to college as couldnt be bothered to work and csa has billed his dad 5k for a years course , to me this is disgraceful he has to pay his ex wife £400 a month because his son cant be bothered to work.

What are my options for getting financial support?

October 6, 2015

My son’s father has not lived with us for 6 years. In that time he gave us £700 for a car as he took the family car and just over a year ago we agreed for him to pay us £50 A MONTH towards the up keep of our son. This lasted approximately 4 months. He or rather his mother had given us some money here and there for school shoes etc but over all it has been approximately at the very most about £100 a year. Not always and not regular. I would like to know what I can do. Father has 2 other children, my son feels left out, physically seeing his father and going without through no financial support. Please tell me what I can do.

Can partners ex claim CSA now mutual agreement ends?

October 5, 2015

My partner has been paying a agreed amount of money to his ex wife,that was arranged by themselves for the last 16 years,there has never been a problem up until now that after this month it is going to stop as the 17 nearly 18 year old child is no longer in education.The ex wife is now saying she is going to take us to court to get csa back dated from 16 years ago,claiming she should of been getting more money in their agreement… even though she agreed to it and did for 16 years ,has she got any sort of claim on us??

Are CSA gender discriminatory?

October 4, 2015

I am sick of trying to get the csa to taken action against my childs mother.

She has been living with me and my new partner for over 2.5 years now and i have recieved less than £50 in payments. To add insult the csa admitted that they lost my original claim which was made online and had lost the tape recordings of my calls. they have sent me a one off payment of £50 as by way of an appology for the lack of service – but as of this date still nothing. When i was the absent parent for the same child i made regular payments yet they still took court action against me. The mother is still to make regular payments – i am of the belief that if i change my name to one of a female gender then they may take more notice of me – i am at my witts end.

Does mate have to pay CSA now son returning to education?

October 3, 2015

Oh just after info for a mate. His son left education and my mate didn’t have to pay anymore but now the boy is going back and my mate has been told he has to pay £260 odd again when his son starts again is this right ? His son is 18 . I have been told off another mate that if the boy dropped out but now wants to go back no payments have to be made as the boy had broke is run in education ? Any info would be good thanks.

CSA refuse to sort out their mistakes

October 2, 2015

Before the csa were invented i payed £30 a week to the mother of my child, i earned £150 a week at the time, then they got in touch and said to keep paying the £30, a few months later they came back and said i had to pay £52 ! not only that they back dated it to when they got in touch so i had to pay £10 on top to clear the arrears ! then in july 1999 i owed £163.63 in arrears, which then jumped to £12,340.03 september 1999 !!! i have pointed out this is insane and it must be a computer mistake or something but they point blank refuse to sort it out and now i am paying them thousands every year !!!

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