Child is working, but payments haven’t stopped. Is this right?

October 9, 2015

I was wondering what help there is for a seperated dead beat dad that is being hammered by cms i have been on 40% DEO from march 2015 to july 2015. For arrears in 2012 that i made contact with csa then the mother refused to contact csa regarding the money she was due.they closed down the case after 6wks of trying to contact her. Then she put in for both years in 2014 refused me the option to pay direct .since july i have been paying standard 15% rate but in September 2015 im being put on 40% again starting 19th November! !!!

For arrears? But is has come to my attention that the daughter is now working has been since at least from August 2014 .so the arrears and the standard 15% payments should of stopped yet when this was queried whwith cms they buluntly arrogantly told me as long as she was claiming child benefits thats all legally they had to do And were willingly going to do ? Yet im periodically checked at the HMRC to see what im earning why is this ? Also if she is working im being fraudulently robbed as is my new partner and her child also i have had to put our wedding back as i am now crippled financially due to these fraudulent practices of the government while the daughter has been working for the full length of this present claim at least 12 mths. ive trawled the Internet for help but its like trying to find a needle in the deepest darkest depths of space .other than seeking out a robbing spinless solicitor thats just money orientated So am i being treated fairly or is this treatment just ?