Where is the justice in the CSA?

October 20, 2015

My partner works offshore in the oil industry so spends a month at home and a month away. He has 2 kids aged 11 and 8 with his ex, who has never worked and therefore claims income support, full housing and council tax benefits. She also receives child benefit, child tax credit for each child aswell as free school meals and school clothing grants.

My partner was paying her £440 per month child support as we would have the kids most of the month he was home. This was never a problem until the ex was made aware that the CMA would take his GROSS earnings straight from the inland revenue!! Now she has stopped all access and is claiming full child support which they have calculated at being £800 a mnth based on a salary last yr of £65k but considering 40% of that goes straight to the taxman it is merely money that is earned but never seen so to speak!!!

With that in mind, I also have a daughter aged 11 who lives with us. I work part time earning £120 for 16 hrs and as a single mum I too received child tax credit, working tax credit, a 50% reduction on my rent and council tax, free school meals and clothing allowance, however when my partner moved in all these benefits were stopped due to his earnings so now I only earn £120 wages with the downfall being made up by my partner!!! So with 2 adults and a child to support we are now struggling to live while he is home on basic wages yet she has an income of nearly £1500 per month tax free with nothing to pay for sitting on her arse all day!!!! Where is the justice?????


  • Joyce says:

    You sound like a very naive spoiled person. Not sure whether you so mis sinformed or you would like to miss inform us on here, but doing simple math below may help you to understand where is the justice.

    Gross Wage £65,000 £5,417 £1,250
    Taxable Wage £54,400 £4,533 £1,046
    Tax Paid £15,403 £1,284 £296
    Tax Free Allowance £10,600 £883 £204
    National Insurance £4,571 £381 £88
    Take-home pay £45,026 £3,752 £866

    Add your untaxed salary of £520 a moth, giver the whole household NET income of £4272. You take away the awfull amount of £800 to support his kids and you come to figure of £3472 NET per calendar month. Oh my word, how do you manage???

  • Nicola says:

    So i sound spoilt or naive, well I assure you nohing can be further from the truth!!! You, on the other hand Joyce, are clearly a very judgemental person and given the sarcastic tone of your comment, a very bitter, judgemental person at that.

    You see, my relationship is only in its first year but for 9 yrs prior to that, I myself was a single parent who has spent many hours, probably even days on the phone to the CSA for unpaid maintenance. However, I dont want to dwell on that. There are other financial aspects attached to our situation which include us paying 2 sets of lawyers fees for a drawn out divorce by his ex and the small matter of him doing the right thing by paying off their joint debt so both can start from fresh!! And although she was happy with this while my now parner was single, that very quickly changed when he mentioned he was in a relationship and was seen to be moving on!!!! I think its fair to say shes as bitter as you Joyce!!!!

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