Does it affect me if he is putting aside money for the children?

June 24, 2014

I was wondering if u could help me, my ex husband hast payed me any money for his two children I about a year and a half.

He owns his own photography business but he tells me he isn’t making any money but constantly turning up in new clothes and new motorbikes.

I was just wondering on a bit of advice, I know if I told him I was getting contact with csa I now he would stop taking so many bookings so he hasn’t got to pay me anything, also he said he has opened a bank account for the children and he’s putting money in there but I don’t know how true this is.

Does that affect how he pays me? Hope you can help.

Aren’t they too old for payments now?

June 24, 2014

I am claiming jsa and have been paying maintenance through my jsa for my children from my previous marriage.

My children are now 21 and 18 years of age but payments are still being taken from my claim.

Please could you advise me if this is correct and if not what should i do?

Has anyone ever managed to get their overpayments back from the CSA?

June 23, 2014

I have been over paying CSA payments since november 2011 its only until now December 2013 that they have managed to calculate the correct amount and i wont be over paying no more.

My daughter is 5 and I’ve never missed a payment to her. Although it was way too much.

CSA are telling me they wont give me my money back in a lump sum.

Is this legally allowed or is there anyone who has successfully managed to get their money back in full??

Surely they must leave enough money for her to eat?

June 23, 2014

This is for my sister who has recently split up from her husband. Their 14yr old son has stayed at home with his dad and he’s put a CSA claim in.

She is on a low wage and is now having to pay for a privately rent flat and all the bills, but they have told her she is going to have to pay 15% of her wages irrelevant of the fact this won’t leave her with any money for food.

Surely this isn’t allowed?

They are potentially forcing her to go back to a loveless marriage, or she will lose her home.

Any advice would be great.

How can nobody do anything about this CSA theft?

June 23, 2014

CSA admitted they took £200 a month for a year by mistake but laughed at me when I said I wanted my money back.

Spent the last 5 years writing to my MP George Freeman who refuses to see me and says he cannot do anything to get my money back.

Was the money taken from my wages a mistake?

Why do the CSA know that my MP can do nothing about the theft?

Unsupportive ex makes me sick

June 22, 2014

I was with my eldest father for about a year and half before he went off and cheated with a girl, then he went to prison and got out when my son was 3 yrs old.

He jot a job with a building firm and has all his tickets for all machinery, basicly hes a gaffer and can take charge on the site him self.

Not short of a penny but still tryes everything he can not to pay for his child, makes me sick!

A few years ago I received 4/5 giro cheques of £300/£400+ then they stopped. that’s a father that’s comfy and not short of a few bob but still he cant take time or buy a pair of trainners for his 15yr old son.

Men like this puts men to shame and the csa/government and there rules.

Should I really be paying?

June 22, 2014

Im paying csa when i have my daughter all weekend is this right?

Plus i have a baby on the way and my parntners child who is 6?

I dnt think i should be paying if i have my daughter 3 days a week.

CSA abuse has worn me down

June 22, 2014

I am on old rules. I have been paying £450.00 every four weeks for a child who I have not seen in years, through no fault of mine. I do not even have their address. It is a long story and one I do not want to repeat again.

I have attempted to battle the CSA for years however over the last year I have become tired and have gave the battle up, I cannot see me ever getting the CSA to admit to their failings and abuse as well as theft of my money. I am being overcharged however they do not care.

I have in the past been very close to homelessness, suffered severe depression and also became suicidal due to the efforts of the CSA.

The child concerned became 16 earlier this year and she has completed her time in Secondary education.

She will not be attending further education nor to the best of my knowledge is she working.

Past experience has made me fully aware all the CSA are focused on is how much revenue/tax they can retrieve at whatever cost. They have no intentions of advising me of when the payment is due to end, they will continue to debit my account.

I owe no arrears, I argued these and I am no longer paying arrears however I have no doubt when they no longer have the legality to debit my account on behalf of the PWC they will attempt to make me pay arrears. There is little I can do if they do this but I will unleash every strength in me to defend myself.

I have no contact, I or my family know very little of them. We live in opposite parts of the country.

I intend to stop the payment by changing bank account in September this year.

• Am I correct in thinking as she is not in full time education and 16 years of age that I am no longer required to pay CSA maintenance?
• What rights do I have to ensure I am aware of when payments will come to an end? i.e. As I have no contact how am I supposed to know if she is in education etc?
• What prevents her from joining a two bit college attending when she likes, if at all just so the PWC can claim the ridiculous amount of £461.00/4wks (to be exact) from me until she is 20?

I need some direction, as I say I have give in to the CSA. I give them the money they ask for with no resistance. At one time I was writing them a letter every week requesting details and refused to communicate over the telephone.

I do not want to communicate with them in writing or over the phone as I become anxious and get upset. I live in fear of the next communication to be received from them as it is always negative.

If someone could respond to my points above it would be very much appreciated.

Am I entitled to anything after the mother abandoned us?

June 21, 2014

I have had full custody of my son since he was about 8 months old he is now 8 1/2 and my ex wife has never paid a penny maintanence.

She still lives up north and 4 years ago I moved south. She never gets in touch but I do hear she was or is working in a bar.

I’m just wondering if I’m entitled to some kind of child/main.

Why are NRPs treated as a cash cow?

June 21, 2014

My daughter is 19 and I have a deductions from earnings order for 570. They have drastically over egged the arrears I have to pay and I’ve no way of proving the 14k is inflated.

They have me working in the forces from 1995 when claim started to 2000 when I actually left in 1997 and didn’t work for a wile. The calculations are all over the place.

Also I know her mother owns a hairdressing salon and has 3 other kids receiving csa from all the fathers and my daughter is working there even though she says she’s at college so she can still claim!!

I’m furious that the NRP isn’t cared for more and used as a cash cow.

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