I’m not even on the birth certificate, so why am I paying?

July 29, 2013

Im more after advice here, an ex of mine has a little boy of 2.5 years. shes seperated from her husband but had 2 kids with him, but hes about 24/7.

tthe boy Read more

How can I get this amount reduced? – I don’t even see my daughter

July 29, 2013

i pay £83 weekly to csa for my daughter and im left with £45 pound weekly for my electric food water rates. i dont even get to see my daughter as im with a Read more

It’s not child support, it’s ex wife support

July 28, 2013

child SUPPORT Agency , its not child support its EX Wife/Partner support as i know none of that money would go on my child !!

anyway .. i knew that i only had to pay for my son until he was 19 which is fine i paid all i had to no Read more

An ICT problem is stopping my kids’ money

July 28, 2013

i have been trying to get payments of my ex husband for my two children. i made the claim the start of october i still have not recieved anything. they keep saying Read more

I’m fed up of having to chase my payments

July 28, 2013

I want to know why when I rang the CSA today to see where my payment is they tell me it came in towards the end of last month and just has not Read more

Why do I still have to pay CHILD support for a 21-year old man?

July 28, 2013

i would like to know how you can still pay for a man .i stoped paying for my son when he was 19 years old as i was told at the time .

on the 23 /12 12 i recevid a Read more

I’ve been surviving on £8 a week – I don’t know what I’ll do if the CSA ask for £16

July 27, 2013

hello, i work full time and also attend college full time. im also a care for my baby girl two days aand nights a week. i want to share my baby equally as it was Read more

The CSA’s mistake is just making my debt grow

July 27, 2013

i have a situation ongoing with the CSA ,for the last 18 months i have been waiting for the CSA to set-up a direct debit .eventually there told me that this could not Read more

It’s a little surreal that I have to pay knowing my daughter is old enough to take out a mortgage

July 27, 2013

Phones the csa on the 2/1/13 to ask about my last payment of maintanance, daughter 19 on 04/01/13. Told that i would now have to pay until she is 20. They didn’t Read more

I moved away and have built up arrears of £5,000 – is there anything I can do?

July 27, 2013

Hi, If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

OK, I left the UK three years ago and didn’t inform the CSA about it. I want to return home and phoned the CSA today to see if they Read more

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