I’ve been surviving on £8 a week – I don’t know what I’ll do if the CSA ask for £16

July 27, 2013

hello, i work full time and also attend college full time. im also a care for my baby girl two days aand nights a week. i want to share my baby equally as it was not my decission to break up the relationship with my ex.

i dont see how its fair she atomaticly calls all the shots and gets full custerdy sitting on her bum all day living off benefits, buying a new playstation 3, getting tattoos,sky t.v and new dresses to go out in each week and so on.

when we were together she left me with a large debt we were paying back together and now i have no way of getting out of this debt anytime soon as after all my re-payments even thoughi am working a full time job i am left with around 8 pounds a week to live on. i am starving and i am worried i may loose my job if i was to split my work pants or wreck my work shoes as i wont have the money to replace them.

so i have 8 pounds a week dissposible income, my ex on the other hand after her 525a month rent has been payed and she has put 20 on eletric and 20 on the gas each week she still has £220 a week to spend. she has also gone to C.S.A to get me to pay more even tho i am willing to provide everything my baby needs equally if we shared custerdy, as i would get help pay ing my rent and the money i save their would go to the baby.

i dont see how this is fair on me and really worried if c.s.a take the 16pounds a week from me they will be condemming me to death as for the last 6 months i have been surviving of 8. do i hold any legal rights here? and are c.s.a alloud to kill me? drastic i know but 100% true.