I’m not even on the birth certificate, so why am I paying?

July 29, 2013

Im more after advice here, an ex of mine has a little boy of 2.5 years. shes seperated from her husband but had 2 kids with him, but hes about 24/7.

tthe boy is supposidly mine all be I was around after he was born but never allowed to be prior, her due date was 2 months late and I no longer see him. csa are deducting from wages at a stupid rate,

im not on the birth certificate but csa wont listen. how can I stop this court order, can csa get birth certificate to see if her ex is on it as hes always been there for scans etc even cut the cord, please help


  • Sally says:

    Also contact your local MP and citizens advice bureau…. as Sara says, the CSA will not stop taking payments if they think for one iota of a second that the child is yours….

    The CSA staff are lying, thieving idiots who are not interested in the truth, honesty or integrity… they just want NRP’s money to meet their targets to get their bonus!!

  • Lisa says:

    Join our Facebook group, child support agency ripoffs, we can get you some help with getting that DNA test, did they send you the form out MEF called maintenance enquiry form for you to state whether you we’re the father? If not they cannot take money from source until parentage is determined, if your not the father don’t expect a refund they are callous wankers who think they are god, they do this to to many people, it’s about time they were stopped, lets get you the help you desperately need

  • csaworkerx says:

    If you have a DEO at some point uve accepted parentage, or your been non-compliant meaning you never filled out the MEF, or answerd the phone, at this point we assume parentage and will go for employers, you can still dispute paternety which will mean a dna test, which you will have to go to, dont think for a second you wont have to or “shouldnt have to” that is litreally ure only hope.

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