The CSA’s mistake is just making my debt grow

July 27, 2013

i have a situation ongoing with the CSA ,for the last 18 months i have been waiting for the CSA to set-up a direct debit .eventually there told me that this could not happen .the CSA decided to take money out of my pay. charging me now extra for none payments

i wrote letters stating that it was no fault of mine,but theirs. i even got my M.P. involved.this time i got a reply stating, that the CSA took responsibility ,and send myself a good will gesture 50 quid .

the next letter was requiring 140 quid a week payment, that is half my pay, i argued that i could not afford these payments, eventually i told them i might as well finish with work and no money would be paid,

the CSA decided to drop the payments to 85 quid a week by the way this is only for one 18 year old child.i am still disputing the payments . with these CSA payments ,and other bills i have had to put my house up for sale to sort out an ever increasing debt. i have just come off the phone to the CSA before writing this, explaining that i just can not afford these demanding payments .

any advice will be wecome.


  • CSA warrior says:

    go on google and look up the Fianacial redress maladministartion guide. read it in full and then calculate your loss and then request the appropriate payment by makng a complaint. If you dont get a positive result you may be able to appeal their decision via a tribunal

    Andrew there are certain things u can think but not say. We are not allowed to harm the leeches lest they become an endangered species. Remember big brother is watching you 00

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