It’s not child support, it’s ex wife support

July 28, 2013

child SUPPORT Agency , its not child support its EX Wife/Partner support as i know none of that money would go on my child !!

anyway .. i knew that i only had to pay for my son until he was 19 which is fine i paid all i had to no complaints and so in December 2012 after my sons 19th birthday i wrote to the CSA to say i was cancelling direct debit , i had a letter back to say my case was closed in AUGUST 2012 when he started university !!

i had no idea that once a child goes to further Ed such as university whether 19 or not that payments should cease so i have over paid since AUG ’12 in effect (thats 4 months!) so if i hadnt have written to them how long would they have continued to basically fleece me !! ..

my disappointment is that 4 mths of money that was overpaid to my greedy EX could have been put to better use by actually spending it on my son personally and giving him some support himself like in his own personal bank account where it would have been just for him..instead it was paid to my EX wife all those months which boils my blood ..

my question is .. will i get those overpaid payments back !!! as a father its my right to pay for my child and i have no problems with that atall if they were personally getting the money for there own personally use and support thats fine but it kills me knowing my smug EX was reeping the benefits smiling from ear to ear seeing a nice lump sum in her account each month ..but i know my son didnt actually see a penny of it or benefit.

what can be done to sort this and keep fathers up to date with things and clearing inform them and stop it happening to others !!!


  • Kev Colley says:

    You should get it back but you will have to complain first. The CSA are set collection targets and bonused on the amount they collect so won’t give up

    Please join this campaign:

  • Mike hunt says:

    Please join this campaign:

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    Actually, mate, it’s not the ex wife/partner support agency, it’s the Government/Treasury support agency…where do you think your over payments and/or made up “arrears” go to? It’s certainly not to our children, the “myth” that the scum of the csa was ever there to support/help our children was blown a long time ago, the scum do not even pretend to argue the point anymore…they’re there to serve the Treasury, no one else.

  • Gonk says:

    Your mention your ex only
    been fleecing you for the last 4 months ? You really believe that ? Your ex and the CSA been fleecing you like the rest of us since your claim was filed.
    I pay hundreds of pounds every month to my skank ex for 1 child that she took away from its father to be with another man.those 2 scumbags are laughing at me.I know there’s no way she spends £320 on my child and my child alone. It lines her pocket and her full time working partners daughter will only get a small percent of my money actually spent on her.
    My money also supports her other daughter who I brought up from when she was 18 months old with no support from her father and still her father pays nothing and what’s so disgusting and vile about this is the fact the ex has not even filed a claim against the other ex with the CSA. Pure evil spiteful vendetta against me.When she ran off to Germany to live with this guy at first,she had the Germans chasing me for cash.they asked her about her other daughter and she lied through her back teeth, telling them she had nothing to do with him and had no idea where he lived despite her coming to uk to visit a few weeks before and taking her daughter to see him….evil Nasty bitch!!

  • Lisa says:

    It should be called ex wife/partner support, the CSA take the piss, they have targets to meet and you nrp are being fleeced to make sure your ex,s lifestyle is paid for by you, complain complain complain, this will one day stop

  • John says:

    It’s M.P.’s expenses and stakeholder shares support.

    It’s CSA staff bonus and performance target support.

    It’s criminalise and demonise the non resident support.

    It’s f–k all to d o with child support!

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