Default Payments??

June 21, 2013

OK…so today after a call from CSA, we agreed (other half is the NRP) to a default maintenance payment. The lesser of 2 evils. And I was told BY CSA that once a default payment has been put in place and finance have called to sort out the payment schedule etc, then the CSA consider the case sorted out. That they won’t follow it up. They won’t chase for wage slips. They won’t go to HMRC or Employer for wage details. IS THIS TRUE??

If so then this is great news for all those poor NRP’s who are being crucified for the regular CSA amounts they are told to pay regardless of their own personal circumstances! Because you can just opt to go for a default maintenance payment to be set up, and refuse to provide wage slips, or say you will provide them at a later date, knowing the CSA won’t be chasing you for them once the default payments are in place………….

ADVICE needed from NRP’s who have done this and whether it is actually true please


  • Sally says:

    No, it’s not true… they just want payment and will still harass you… I am an NRPP too and the CSA are useless, lying theives…

    I’d suggest you contact NACSA (have a look at their website) as they know more about the CSA rules and regulation than the bias, lying CSA staff do and NACSA are impartial so will tell you ALL the facts…

    I would not trust the CSA as far as I could throw them…

    Good luck!

  • Carrie says:

    Do not fall into a false sense of security just because you have agreed to a default maintenance payment .The whole time, the CSA clock is ticking, and they will go back as far as the assessment & before with the real figures they have worked out from your wage slips. Believe me I an a nrpp & nobody gets away with it & often people end up paying twice because they listen to the pwc presuming wrongly that what they say is always true ! It just means they can treat the nrp like worse than nothing ,get the money coming in & make themselves look like they’re doing a brilliant job !! I think there will be a lot of comebacks(legal action like PPI’s ) in the future on them when they find it is breaching our Human Right by behaving like this & not even looking at the evidence that we have paid the pwc directly !

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Hi Sally and Carrie
    Thanks for your comments. However IF my partner doesn’t provide payslips what can the CSA do??
    The rules have now changed regarding the PWC making claims that aren’t true, I checked in the CSA rules online (can’t remember which page as took a while!) and now either party has to provide proof (I think within 7 days not 100% sure though) that includes claims he is on ££££ when he isn’t…we live miles from the b#tch so she has absolutely no way of finding or getting that info!!
    And yes Carrie totally agree, and I will def be going for compensation!! It’s disgusting how NRP are treated and bled dry..even suicide!!

  • Sally says:

    I believe they can take money straight from his bank account… Have a look at the NACSA website, it it will give you info on what CSA can/cannot do regardless of what the bonus driven idiots who work for the CSA tell you Mrs B 2 🙂

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Hi Sally, if you change bank accounts and close the one they have details for, provided you don’t give them the new bank a/c details they can’t take any ££ straight from your bank can they??
    Also, (legal advice), I was told that if the employer (NRP’s employer) refuses to comply with a DEO then all they face is a £1000 fine. If the NRP as an employee pays the employers fine then nothing can be taken further! Sometimes to pay a £1000 fine may be the better option by far esp in the long run. As the CSA can take 40% on a DEO straight from source!
    How do you know they are on bonuses?? Is there proof?? If so surely there’s a similar legal case as in the misold ppi scandal??
    I can’t believe there’s not yet been a Dispatches/Panorama programme about this CSA agency!!
    Our situ now, is waiting for a finance case worker to call to arrange payment set up of the default maintenance, and to arrange collection of arrears, which we have disputed and actually have both written proof (letters stating ‘there are no arrears’) and verbal, as I write down date/time of every call – all details, and a couple of times been told no arrears verbally!
    There will be arrears from the date my partner started his job as he started in march, but we are going to ONLY accept to pay that over the max time of 2 yrs. As we know the ££ won’t be spent on his kids!!

  • Sally says:

    You are right, they need to find the money to be able to take it and if you keep changing your bank account you could avoid paying them but you shouldn’t have to do that!!!! EVERYONE should be able to live their life without this constant hassle from the CSA…. the criminals in all of this are the CSA!! We sold our houses and put everything in my name to avoid paying the CSA and my partner became a student…. this has worked for us so far…. the CSA cannot take what he doesn’t have and they have no rights to my assets….

    Yes, there was a CSA worker named Neil Alice who used to come on to this website to give ‘advice’ using the names ‘Alice, Chall and Wilf’. He admitted that CSA workers got bonuses for providing ‘accurate’ advice and information….. Lisa also found out from a good source that they get bonuses. There was an article on how much was spent on the offices the CSA staff use including the flowers they buy each month!!!!

    Lisa, Eddie, Brett, Macon and a few others have tried to get someone (anyone with any power, recognition) to help, they have been in contact with Dispatches, Panorama and other programmes no doubt but the government have prevented anyone reporting on the CSA activities and they have gotten away with it for over 20 years… it’s terrible and if I had my way I would make every single person who was involved with the CSA farce by forcing them to sell their homes to pay the thousands and thousands of families they have destroyed!!!

  • Lisa says:

    If your on a default decision, they class this as being none compliant, they will chase you for arrears if at a later date it turns out that the salary was more than they had proof of, usually it takes the PWC to ring and get the assesment relooked at, we have been to everybody that we can think of as sally says above, but with the media blackout being in place nobody wants to help us, or cant through tied hands.
    Be careful, the CSA do destroy families, i know this first hand, everything that the PWC says to the CSA is gospel take my word for it, if you want more support or advice join us at our facebook group,!/groups/204256966364149/

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Sally I agree we shouldn’t have to take such drastic action but we have to go with what we have until it’s all exposed!!
    Lisa, she -PWC will never know or be able to find out as we have moved 125 miles away from the evil bitch. Shes poisoned his kids against him (he actually had them on the phone saying they don’t wana see him!) the sick twisted woman. He hasn’t seen them for 3 years.
    So why should he pay….
    she wants him out of their lives, wants to bring them up on her own so she should provide for them on her own.
    The default can’t be changed if we don’t give them wage details and she cant find out either can it??
    Lisa thank goodness ppl like you are at least trying! well done. I am not on FB, issues re the PWC bitch from hell.

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